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  1. The unstable/slow bluetooth connection, the squeaking built-in pedal and the notorious A&D light of death... I can list a few problems which bother me, but I have to say that I do love my Firehawk FX. The old Boss analogue pedals, DigiTech multi FX, and Line 6 M13, which I used to own, had its own pros and cons. I think that no device is perfect, and somehow we have to accept it as it is and try to get the best out of it. If you get to the point when you cannot stand it anymore, just divorce from it and move on. Until then, in spite of all the issues that I listed above, my tone got better and I am happy with it.
  2. My solution is rather simple, without adding anything on top of the existing back row buttons. I attached two metal U-channels underneath between Firehawk FX and the case, using two screw holes already drilled for the rubber foot of Firehawk. It increases the slope angle and raised the backside about an inch. It is now much easier for me to access back row buttons without hitting the front ones.
  3. I am reporting you guys one fix/change that I have noticed since updating the firmware from 1.2 to 1.3. I used to suffer from a slight volume drop after engaging the tuner using bluetooth app and disengaging it by pressing the same preset switch. For this reason, I always pressed other preset switch after tuning and back to the original one. After updating to 1.3, the volume drop appears to be gone. However, I hear the same note for 0.5 second that I played during tuning after disengaging the tuner, even after muting the string or volume knob/pedal, especially with any stomp effect. Test for yourself: play a note for tuning - mute the string with your palm - wait for one second to be dead-silent - disengage the tuner - hear back the note that I played for tuning!!! OMG! It means that I shall be very careful not to create a noise to audience whenever tuning between songs.
  4. Looks great! Has anyone found a US distributor?
  5. http://line6.com/support/topic/21885-expression-pedal-squeak/ You are not alone. I have found that the noise can be eliminated with +-zero pressure (just barely move from heel to toe without pressing). I am also using two Ernie Ball Jr. as a 2nd expression pedal for FH and M13 respectively, consisting of a simple string mechanism, and they have not made any noise for the past couple of years. I guess it is how it is designed.
  6. Am I the only person who has been experiencing a hugh-volume drop after tuning? I had a band ensemble yesterday, and it happened again and again between songs after tuning. I had to select another patch and come back, but you will loose any tweak you made during previous song and no time to do again before starting intros. I generally love Firehawk FX, but I have to say that it is very tricky to use for gigs.
  7. My Firehawk is the 2nd unit (replacement) whose expression pedal makes the same squeak as the first one did. Because I used the first one less than two months, the noise does not appear to be caused by heavy use of the pedal but by how it is made. It is not a big deal when the full band comes in, but it is a problem when you do a quiet intro/solo with your pedal. I had previously given a suspicious look at the pianist whose sustain pedal squeaked, but he now looks at me in the same way!
  8. This issue needs to be addressed sooner or later in the next update, since it is not an improvement but a bug fix request. I experienced 40% volume-drops during gigs a few times. The recommended procedure of 'selecting a patch for intro - tuning - taping another patch - pressing the original patch for intro' does not work for a gig.
  9. Inspired by Mike's idea, I have integrated an iPhone stand for FH remote and a music stand into the lid of my pedalboard case. All stands are removable and interchangeable with other types of stand -such as a mic or camera stand. I don't have to find two music stands anymore!
  10. Hello rex3live, Please take a look at http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/recovery-from-corrupt-tones-a-and-d-lights-lo-r750 What mcbeddal described above was the method that I used to resurrect from the death, but it does not solve the issue. I guess you used a patch created on the previous version of firmware as Line 6 explained.
  11. If I may express my opinion: I am very happy with the quality of FX's tones. I am not so happy with bluetooth connectivity. I am unhappy with the lock-ups, a lag and artifacts when switching patches. Aa an enthusiastic user of M13 for the past couple of years, I would be happier if FX had M13's 'easy to use' during gig and without problems listed above. I guess Helix is going to be such a multi-effect unit.
  12. Tony's 'recovery from A & D lights lock-up' explains the symptom that I have experienced. It is indeed related to a specific amp/fx combo made using original firmware. Because we cannot tell what tones have been corrupted until A & D lights death happens, it looks like we have to remake all tones from scratch using firmware 1.10. I am concerned if it means that we should do the same thing after future firmware updates. Line 6's locking-up recovery: We've found that tones created while using the original 1.01 firmware can sometimes be corrupted, regardless if they are new or downloaded tones. This results in the device locking up, with a factory reset being needed for recovery (press and hold the Master Volume knob and the TAP button as you power up the unit). Firmware 1.10 resolves this issue. Tones created in version 1.10 can no longer be corrupted like they would have under version 1.01. However, corrupted tones created in version 1.01 are still problematic when used in Firehawks updated to later firmware versions. We encourage those encountering this issue to update to the latest firmware via the Line 6 Updater software, then perform a factory reset. Please note that any tones not backed up to My Tones prior to a reset will be lost (corrupted tones cannot be uploaded because they crash the unit and thus can't be selected for uploading).
  13. The 'possible' cause of death listed above could be just for me. However, I have listed the presets which caused the death multiple times. For instance, I had set up a nice preset with an activated wah (without using your toe) and I had no sound when I came back to it from other presets. Then the death happened when I switched to other presets. Regarding a preset with tremolo, it usually happens when changing TO the preset with a tremolo itself, not the other way around. When it happened, I deleted the preset and made one from scratch with either AC30, tremolo, or wah, and it happened again. The scariest thing is, you can not revive FH by turning it off/on, but only after a factory-reset. It would be a great experimentation for users who has not experienced at all so far, such as stevekc, to try that out. Let's say, make three presets - one with AC30 HD, the other with a tremolo, and the third with wah on, and change presets among them a few times by pressing foot switches. If it doesn't occur, I would believe mine is a lemon. If it occurs, it could be a holistic firmware/application/hardware issue.
  14. After experiencing tens of A&D deaths, here is what I found looks suspicious: 1. Any preset with vox AC30 HD amp 2. Any preset with a tremolo 3. Any preset saved with wah 'on' Then the A&D patch lights of death happens when I try to change the preset or bank using foot switches. To avoid the death, I am currently using the FH remote app to change the presets back and forth (from 'My Tones'), not using any foot switches. In this way, the lag time gets more unbearable, but A&D death occurs less or not. I am really trying hard not to die during gigs.
  15. Let me ask you guys a quick question: do you think that the A&D patch light of death occurs on some of the FH units out there or all of them sooner or later?
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