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  1. Just figured out a workaround that works for me. Find Logic Pro in FInder > Right click "Get Info" > Tick the box "Open with Rosetta" > (Optional) reinstall Helix plugin if necessary. My rig is 2021 MBP 16" with M1 chip running on Montery. This works for me. Hope it would help. Good luck and rock on.
  2. I'm on Monterey M1 Chip Macbook. Helix Native plug-in won't load in LogicPro or MainStage as of today. Can still open GUI of Helix Native in LogicPro, but Error message says 'DSP engine fail to load' of sort.
  3. I'm using Helix Native 1.71 on trial. It works fine for the first time. The next day when i choose Helix Native as plug-in in Garageband or Logic Pro x, both program stopped working( not responding, after 10 mins waiting, had to force quit ), as shown in screenshots.
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