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  1. Hi, is there somebody who uses internal mic for recoding from guitar cabinet/speaker? I have new notebook and looking for USB soundcard + microphone so there is question, that Sonic Port VX is good "all-in-one" device for this?
  2. Hi, I give it to Robert from Microdesignum - look at this page, there is all informations: http://www.microdesignum.cz/EN/Products/MIDI-expression-pedals/Expression-pedal-with-MIDI-toe-switch-for-Line6-M13 It was only my idea, but all changes have been made by Robert
  3. Yes, this is standard situation, but because there is foam (as I write in first post), I have no "hard" position of toe so I need to setup expression something like "toe at 95 % is max, more than 95 % do nothing"
  4. Hi, my setup on video is: Tokai Silverstar (2nd postiion - Bridge + midle coil) -> M13 (Throaty wah) -> MXR DoubleShoot distortion -> Behringer GDI21 (i use it as "amp" at home, some clean setup - tweet + little drive) -> PC
  5. Hi, I have Bespeco VM12L expression pedal, which works great. But I have upgrade on it - MIDI switch for switch on/off wah (look at this topic). And there is foam on toe for "acidentaly not switch on/off" - look at photos. So, because there is foam, I have no "hard" position of toe. If I use wah-wah there is no problem, but when use Pitch Glide (whammy) I can set toe position to (for example) +12.0 but because that foam, it can sometimes change (ex. +11.8 - +12.1, because I sometimes make greater pressure than before). So there is my question: It is there some way to set cusotm range for expression pedal? I mean, can I set for example this: Pedal at 0 - 4 % => do nothing Pedal at 5 % => "start position" of expression pedal (=> 0%) Pedal at 6 - 94% => do stuff Pedal at 95 % => "end position" of expression pedal (=> 100%) Pedal at 96+ % => do nothing For better understanding look at image:
  6. I use M13 with overdrive (Fulltone Fulldrive 2) and distortion (MXR distorion 2) in FX loop of M13 and It works great. I have a custom case because I not found with right dimensions for me :-) Look at this topic (my rig with custom expression pedal which can switch on/off wah by pressing toe).
  7. I use M13 for about 2 years and there is no problem. Distortions are great, but I use Fulltone Fulldrive and MXR distortion in FX loop (because I dont trust digital distortions :-)). If you use Marshall and Mesa/Boogie, try "4 cable method" - for example: Unit 1 (wah, pitch, ..) > Tube Amp > Unit 2-3.
  8. This I found on other forum: Q: What are the specs for the Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal? A: The Line6 expression pedal is a passive 10K ohm mono linear taper pot, using a standard 1/4 inch mono instrument cable. In the manual of DVP3 is info about 10k ohm. I think it can work :-) There is some supported pedals: http://line6.com/support/topic/3007-expression-help-for-the-m13/?do=findComment&comment=24576
  9. I use Bespeco VM12L (which look like original EX-1) and I have update on it for switching on/off wah-wah by pressing toe (more info in this topic).
  10. Hi, I love my M13 but hated the process "turn on wah > move leg to exp > wah > move leg to M13 > turn off wah", cause there is "lot of time" and it's not good for playing :-) So I decided to contact small company which made MIDI devices and the result of this is Expressione by Microdesignum - upgraded cheap exp Bespeco VM12L with MIDI switch on toe, which sending MIDI command to switch on/off one of effects (it's programmable, so I can chose which position of M13 will be controlled). See how it's work Some photos: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRXrCr9vDscbmhjdnRia21lVGM&usp=sharing More info (in czech, use Google Translator :-)): http://www.svetkytar.cz/line6-m13-kvakadlo
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