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Found 6 results

  1. Guys I need your help D: I got my HD500X yesterday, and so far I'm hating the pitch glide When I set it +1 octave up single notes sound great, but when I try to play songs like My iron lung or subterranean homesick alien, the sound is horrible, I've seen in the forum that the pitch glide is not polyphonic, but I've heard that some people were able to fix this, and I dont want to buy a Digitech Whammy just for multiple notes. Is there a way to fix this? I play a lot of radiohead, muse and U2 covers in my band, so...+1 octave up is a crucial effect :) Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys! I'm using the pitch glide and the exp pedal on my POD HD500x to do the whole whammy thing and it's working quite well. The thing that bugs me though is that the mix of the effect doesn't seem to go to 0% while having the exp in heel position. The result is that I'm getting a chorus type sound instead of no pitch glide at all. Is this possible to achieve or is it just how the pitch glide works? I have tried to calibrate the exp pedal. Thanks! /Danne
  3. Hi, how the pitch glide works? When the pitch knob is turned the +/- some number changes, but what does it mean? Is there any relation between this number and notes? What number should I set to get full octave up using manual mode (no expression pedal, just turning the knob)? Regards, Pawel
  4. Hi, I have Bespeco VM12L expression pedal, which works great. But I have upgrade on it - MIDI switch for switch on/off wah (look at this topic). And there is foam on toe for "acidentaly not switch on/off" - look at photos. So, because there is foam, I have no "hard" position of toe. If I use wah-wah there is no problem, but when use Pitch Glide (whammy) I can set toe position to (for example) +12.0 but because that foam, it can sometimes change (ex. +11.8 - +12.1, because I sometimes make greater pressure than before). So there is my question: It is there some way to set cusotm range for expression pedal? I mean, can I set for example this: Pedal at 0 - 4 % => do nothing Pedal at 5 % => "start position" of expression pedal (=> 0%) Pedal at 6 - 94% => do stuff Pedal at 95 % => "end position" of expression pedal (=> 100%) Pedal at 96+ % => do nothing For better understanding look at image:
  5. Hi everybody, I own the M5 and the M13, I really like a lot of the effects, but I am a little bit surprised because there is no standard pitch shifting algorythm like the kind you can hear on "owner of a lonely heart" by Yes (perfect fifth) or "metal fatigue" by Allan Holdsworth (major second). I can get something very close with the pitch glide, but it is not always easy to set the pitch on a very accurate fixed interval, because the pitch glide increments with very small values. So could it be possible to add a pitch shifter model, with different controls ? I mean, one to set the interval (minor 2, 2, minor third, major third, etc...) with semitone steps, one control to fine tune the pitch with smallest values, and one for the mix...? I think this feature should be very useful, it could be just a variation of the pitch glide because this one sounds really good if it is used to set the pitch on fixed intervals, but it is very tricky to set with accuracy. Thanks a lot !
  6. Anyone had this weird problem - I use the pitch glide setting to create a dive bomb effect when playing the intro to 'lonely boy' and twice playing it on a local festival stage, the pitch glide has either failed completely (which somewhat ruins the intro!) or has been intermittent. This has never happened in any other rehearsal or gig. The only issue I could come up with is that walkie talkies, which have been used by the stage crews in each instance, may have been causing radio interference with the RJ45 cable connecting my FBV Shortboard to my amp (a Spider IV 150). And because the pitch glide effect requires a non-static or changing signal, from Shortboard to amp, this was somehow failing to be transmitted 'cleanly' along the RJ45 cable. I have now bought a more robust RJ45 which claims to have better insulation from radio interference. Then again we have also now dropped that song from our live set - just in case it happens again! Thoughts/comments/shared experiences anyone....?
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