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  1. Ok guys I tryed in a different PC and it works just fine I wonder what the problem is :/ Before the update everything was ok
  2. Guys I updated the flash and now I'm having problems with the 500X EDIT :(
  3. Hello! I'm having troubles with the 500X Edit after updating my POD flash Before I updated the flash I created a Back up of all my presets When I updated the Flash I clicked don't save any presets so I have a clean install Now I'm trying to load my presets and this is what I get (screen cap) Is anyone else having this problem???
  4. Hmmm Well, that's sad to hear... I got this unit mainly to play muse/radiohead stuff :( At least I can use it as a MIDI controller for Guitar Rig, I love the Pitch shifter from Guitar Rig :)
  5. Guys I need your help D: I got my HD500X yesterday, and so far I'm hating the pitch glide When I set it +1 octave up single notes sound great, but when I try to play songs like My iron lung or subterranean homesick alien, the sound is horrible, I've seen in the forum that the pitch glide is not polyphonic, but I've heard that some people were able to fix this, and I dont want to buy a Digitech Whammy just for multiple notes. Is there a way to fix this? I play a lot of radiohead, muse and U2 covers in my band, so...+1 octave up is a crucial effect :) Thanks in advance.
  6. My M9 died last week and I need to upgrade my gear, but I'm not sure Whether to get the M13 or the Pod HD500X. As far as I know the Pod has the same effects and same capabilities as the M13. But I love the way you can mess and tweak with the effects in the M13. But I'm really amazed about all the possibilities that you have with the Pod (Control MIDI devices, record, estereo effects, plug in a MIC, and constant updatrs) Should I get the M13 or the Pod HD500x Or should I wait for an upgrade for the M13??
  7. Hello! So... the Pod HD500 just got upgraded :) and I was wondering if you guys know if there's gonna be an upgrade for the M13 Or do you think Line 6 has forgot about the stompbox modelers? :(
  8. Lat week I read that the HD500 has some FX latency problems when changing and I also read the It's not true bypass
  9. Hello guys! My brother's birthday is coming and I really want to surprise him, but I'm not sure whether to get him the M13 or the Pod HD500X, I need to confess that I never tried either of those two He has a really bad 80's amp and a mixing console where keyboards and vocals go to the PA Which one is better and why? He is an FX experimental guitaris t, knowing that which one is better for him? I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital proccesors and I just want him to have the best Thats why I need your help Thanks in advance. :)
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