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  1. Just ridiculous. Can't get these in UK. I don't know why we put up with rubbish. They are not fit for purpose. We shouldn't have to pay for more of them or spend time and money on a creative solution. We have paid for thr product already. Very poor show Line6. Also removed support for the product line as well due to obsolescence. I would never spend serious money on their products due to risk of suffering their f*** you attitude.
  2. Red Pod X3; putting it through the receive/FX loop and I want to change my output to match (as previously discussed). When I select the combo or combo power amp output it's perfect... for about 10 seconds then it reverts to the factory setting. Tried hitting the save button to save it as a setting and it just reverts. All help greatly received.
  3. If I like a preset on the pod x3 can I save it directly to an empty destination or do I have to try to recreate it. I want to create dual vocal tones with an existing preset e.g Studio Vocal. Thanks
  4. Pod X3; the section with the guitar/vocal blends. I find that the vocals on many of them are much quieter than the guitars. Is there a way to adjust this beyond the trim adjustment and tone volume knob. Obviously I bring my guitar vol down but it starts to eat the tone. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the responses. That has helped a lot from both of you
  6. Hello. I have an old FBV Shortboard that I bought second hand and it worked fine for six months or so. Now every so often it just locks up and nothing responds. I've turned it off and on etc by killing the signal and reintroducing it but it only helps 1 in 5 times. Any advice? Or anyone know a good repair person that knows Line 6 in Essex UK. Cheers
  7. Anyone with any thoughts please. I want to play it live. It seems to lose something when I play it through my amp which is a 100w solid state Marshall. Basically it takes on too many characteristic of the amp. Should I go straight through a PA/active speaker or find another amp. I'd like it to buzz as little as possible. I know it will be personal preference to an extent but just wondered if anyone here has any advice on the best usable set up to assist me. Cheers
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