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  1. Looks like it could fill a nitch! Now we need some of those low dsp blocks added to stomp. And at least one full usage block (if not two) and let us figure out what will fit. ;-)
  2. How is this "better" than the other offering? I feel I'm missing something.
  3. In my opinion, there's no comparison. My Delaunne artist presets go unused. They're nowhere close to this league. YMMV. I also think that due to Fremen's IRs, I couldn't get the quality of his tones no matter how much tweaking I did with the stock cabs. There's something special here. Really.
  4. I got through the presets tonight through a Tech 21 Trademark 60 and through my studio monitors (JBL 305s and sub). I'll try to go through my powered monitor tomorrow. All I can say, is "oh fuuuuuuuddddddggggggeeeeeee." Only I didn't say fudge. A number of these presets will be the basis of my tones going forward. They really are that good compared to everything else I've tried on my own, bought or downloaded. There is so much in this pack that it will take me a while to figure out what I'll use and then I'll add my own effects etc.. to them. Feels like money well spent to me.
  5. So how is the weight of the Helix with the case? I decided to go with the hard case for the protection.
  6. Does the Helix fit? It's depth is listed at 11" and the Helix is closer to 12".
  7. Does this bag have much padding, if any?
  8. I backed up. I updated successfully and I restarted but held the buttons to keep my IRs and Global settings intact. I was working on presets and testing some from Customtone. I'm not exactly sure what I did at the time, but shortly after going from one preset to another and while changing some of the settings, my screen went black. This is the first time it's done this. I still heard sound, but had to turn off the Helix and turn it back on to get the screen back. It also rebuilt the presets when I turned it back on (it had already rebuilt the presets when I restarted after the update). I thought the black screen issues were all fixed???
  9. @Digital Igloo I'm having problems updating the Helix App to 1.02. The app loses connection with the Helix when I export a setlist. I haven't had issues before this. I'm on an iMac running Yosemite 10.10.5. The Helix is plugged into a USB on the iMac. I was able to export a bundle but not setlists. Known issue?
  10. deidelberg

    Adding Blocks

    An insert block before and insert block after option would be nice too.
  11. Some kind of software fix. I think I saw one or two ideas on The Gear Page.
  12. I'm a bit disappointed that some basic things weren't addressed. Examples: Joystick issue with accidentally turning while trying to move left, right, up or down. A common issue and complaint. Go back / undo/ revert function for when the knob is accidentally returned or when changing a parameter leads to an undesirable result. Something like an undo last action choice when you push the global settings, save or another button. I'm interested to see how things sound with stock cabs now that the correct mic will show up. But some tweaks to the standard settings when you pull up an amp, such as the master not always being set to 10, would have been welcome. One step at a time I guess.
  13. I still don't like the acoustic sounds on my Variax JTV69 and thought they were weak on my Variax Acoustic 700. I built a patch on my Helix that sounds amazing with either a piezo acoustic or a piezo bridge on a solidbody. For an "amp" I use the studio tube preamp model. No speaker cab. I downloaded a Taylor 314 IR from a link on The Gear Page and there's your mic and room modeling right there. Turns a peizo acoustic into a great sounding acoustic. Turn off the IR with a Variax or Aura system. Other blocks include the LA Studio Comp, chorus, plate reverb, simple delay, looper... I'll add a boost and set it up so that I can boost a solo over a looped verse/chorus etc... Not sure I'd add anything else.
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