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  1. I have been using the G90 for years. Never had any problems. I just sold it and bought G70 as I needed a pedal version. It has been a big disappointment so far. Btw, I live in Europem, as I see there is someone mentioning US vs Europe. The first week it worked fine, by lately I have been getting many dropouts, even when standing only a few meters away from the device. Last night I updated to firmware version 1.05 for the Receiver and version 1.03 for the transmitter? Are these the latest versions? 1.03 for the transmitter seems to be from 2015, but I cannot find anything else. I have just been running on channel 1 the whole time and I am the only one in the band using G70. The other two guys are using G30 and they never had any issues. How do I perfer a scan every at every venue to check what is the most ideal channel?
  2. I just purchased a brand new G70. The first batteries it was fine. No dropouts. However, now I am experiencing significant dropouts when playing at home. I just updated the firmwire on both units, but I am still experiencing dropouts. What is the problem? This is a terrible disappointment.. I am going on tour in a few days and was hoping to use my G70 there. Unfortunately it has proven to be completely unreliable..
  3. Ok, so no power bank, just connected to power supply on stage?
  4. Ok so the receiver does not have a battery and needs to be connected at all times? What kind of powerbank do you use?
  5. How do you connect this cable to the transmitter that were supposed to go into the input on your guitar?
  6. Do you have a picture of the right angled unit? I guess the power adapter could be plugged into any kind of power bank? Could you post a picture of this: "Another alternative to the protruding transmitter is to use a short (1 foot) Male to Female Extension cable and simply allow the extension cable to drape over your guitar strap where it meets the lower bout button." Are you saying to connect a cable into the transmitter and attach that to the guitar strap somehow?
  7. But do you not pay a lot extra for the extra stuff such as tuner, G10, etc? Would not G30 and G50 provide the same robustness? And I guess the transmitter really does not stick out that much more than a jack cable with the G10?
  8. Could anyone post a picture of what kind of modification they have done to their unit? Is this only a problem with the G10 or also with the G30 and G50?
  9. I am thinking about buying the G10 as I do not need all the extra features of the G70. Also I like that there is no sender for the G10. Do you know how long the battery time for G10 is and what power bank that is recommended? I guess it could also be possible to just run without any powerbank on the pwedalboard and charge in between concerts?
  10. I currently own the G90 and would like to buy a new wireless to have on my pedalboard. I am interested in the G10, G30 or G50. Which of is the most durable and also which can be used without a power connection and has a long lasting battery?
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