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  1. Actually I have all my sounds that I have to save and re import. That's why my concern about re importing my IR library. I have all my sounds the way I like them, I just haven't backed up or done an upgrade in a good 10 months or so, so I wanted to make sure I did it right and not lose anything, since my custom presets are IR dependent. Thanks for the info.
  2. Actually, I do have one other question: It says at the end of the firmware update YOU MUST RESET GLOBALS AND RESTORE PRESETS, OTHERWISE HELIX 2.10 WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. DO IT. DO IT NOW: I'm not sure I understand this. You've already updated the firmware, which comes with all the updated stock presets correct? Why then the need to "restore presets?" And why the need to reset globals at this point, just to switch them right back to the way you like them? Dylan
  3. Ok great thanks everybody. I think that covers it pretty well. If I hit any snags I will check back. Dylan
  4. Hello all. I haven't done a firmware update or backup since earlier this year. I would like to get up to speed with the most current version, but I'm unclear as to how or even if it's possible to save all the Ownhammer Impulse Responses I have set up, in their various numerical positions. They IR's have become a big part of my overall core sounds, and I would hate to discover that I would have to install them again, each one by one after doing the update. So can anyone guide me or let me know, when saving user presets, how to save them so that they appear again with the correct presets after the update? Thanks for any and all help. Dylan
  5. THANKS!!! To everyone who's responded. I tried the updated Mac driver and it still wouldn't see the USB. I'm running a slightly older Hackintosh, and I really don't want to go down that rabbit hole of madness trying to update my OS and have it consume all my time at the expense of everything else, just to have USB recording capabilities. From what I've heard here, it's not a big difference. So I'm just going to create duplicate patches and then re-EQ them to taste, and they will be my recording patches. I've also been using Scuffham S-gear, which sounds friggin awesome. I want the helix to sound as good as that, because I like the Helix effects capabilities. Anyyway, thanks for taking the time. I did read all the comments. Dylan
  6. Right I know the concept.....but I was just wondering "how much" of a difference it made, since I am not able to do it yet. I'm sure preamp coloration has just as much to do with any change in sound. Has anybody actually done an A/B test? And what are peoples experience in terms of the difference in sound between what they send to their live flat reference speakers, than what they send into protools or logic via the XLR.
  7. I'm running Lion 10.7.3. Someone on the forum had mentioned a possible workaround, but haven't as of yet had time to explore it. Dylan
  8. Right now I'm running an older version of OSX that does not support USB recording. I'm wondering what the sonic differences are between USB recording and just taking the XLR out into the preamp/interface. I have noticed that just taking the XLR out of the Helix and into my preamp (Audient ID22) sounds quite a bit darker than the same patches going to my Matrix Q12a (powered speaker), and quite frankly the patches don't sound as good. I was wondering if recording via USB sounds any different and what those differences are. I know that you're dealing with the coloration of the Preamp and also the conversion, but those are pretty good on the Audient, so I can't see that as a "weak link" that's mucking up the sound. I thought of making companion patches for all my useable live patches, but EQ'ed to where they sound better going into my recording interface. Anyway, curious to hear others feedback, opions and workarounds. Dylan
  9. Thank you for the response. You've saved me some time. I may try as you suggested and see about the custom driver. Thanks again, Dylan
  10. I haven't attempted in a while, but I remember having trouble getting my Helix to communicate with my Desktop which runs OSX Lion 10.7.3. Anyone able to USB record running this version of OSX or earlier? Thanks Dylan
  11. Thanks for all the responses. I actually ended up not using the helix at all to audition, but imported all the IR's into S Gear within protools. I used the wayfarer for a distorted amp and the Duke for a fenderish clean. Basically I'm operating on the premise that if the IR sounds good in S Gear then it's probably going to sound good within the Helix. I pulled up a few of the ones I'm currently using within the Helix within S-Gear, just to calibrate my ears a bit. I'll import the ones I selected and see how accurate I was. Thanks for the replies!!
  12. Interested in hearing other peoples method of auditioning IR's. I've bought some of the Ownhammer packages, and there are so many different IR's to audition, and it's proving really difficult to check them all out with the fact that the Helix only holds a little more than a hundred at a time. It would be nice to be able to export all my existing IR's as a bundle and then import all new ones to audition, then re-importing my existing ones, but that's proving a little clumsy, since some of them are already tied to Presets, and exporting and reimporting doesn't tie them to they're previous numerical positions unless you re-title them. So, how are other people auditioning large amounts of IR's? Thanks! Dylan
  13. Sorry if this is obvious. From what I can tell, creating a bundle does not back up all the IR's, only the presets? How can I do a quick backup of all my IR's, in case things get mucked up, I can just reimport and each IR will properly go back to it's correct numerical position? Thanks! Dylan
  14. You can use the built in Mic/Cabs or you can download 3rd party IR's. (Ownhammer, etc...). Instead of chopping of all of the high end to get rid of the fizz, try pulling up a 10 band eq and start pulling out all the higher end frequencies to get aquatinted with what each one does. You can do the same thing, more surgically with the parametric EQ. Programing these pedalboards is made vastly easier if you have a somewhat functional knowledge of frequencies, and working with the onboard EQ's is a place to start. Also, rather than messing with the bias, you might make sure that the master is cranked up high on the amp ( I believe it's on the same page as the bias control). That really brings the higher gain amps to life.
  15. This has less to do with EQ, but I noticed that the Ownhammer IR's have a bit of room ambience to them (the ones I use anyway). I would make sure that the speaker cab IR's go after any delays you may have. Your'e mileage may vary.
  16. Great thanks for the input. I did exactly that....exported the bundle and then reimported after the firmware upgrade. So I guess like you said, I overwrote any new presets from the firmware update. So I just backed up the playlist instead of the whole bundle, like you said. I just updated my Helix app too (it was 1.02) to the current 1.04. Now I'm using the updater to re-update the 1.06.5 so I can regain the lost presets. So let's see if now I have any trouble with backing up and reimporting things with the scribble strips. Thanks for your help!!!! Dylanj
  17. PROBLEM is this: When I save a bundle and then re-import it, the scribble strips are all mis-located. For example, it says Twin, when it should say Soldano. All the sounds are in their proper positions, but all the User Preset names are all wrong. Anyone else have this issue? Dylan
  18. I actually tried this and it didn't work. If I hit "export" it gives me an option to save to my hard drive, as if I were saving a bundle. If I choose to "copy" 8 presets, and then highlight 8 different presets and press "paste", it only transfers 1 of the presets. Any ideas? Dylan
  19. Ok I didn't realize there was a hidden "switch" on the pedal itself. With the X3 you can hear/feel it click on and off. Since I didn't hear/feel that with the Helix, I assumed there was none. When I pull it out later, I'll check it out and report back. Thanks everyone for their replies. Dylan
  20. Because I don't always use the wah for that lead sound. I have my stock lead sound, and then the wah as an option. So I don't want to the wah to be engaged when I go to that patch, because I'm not always using it. I assign a switch to both the volume and the it switches from volume pedal to wah, but it's still a lot of tap dancing....changing to mode, engaging the wah etc. With the X3 it seemed so simple. Dylan
  21. When I need to quickly go to the wah on a lead sound, I have to switch the patch, then switch to mode, then turn on the wah, then put my foot over on the wah. So basically the first 3 seconds of the solo are used making this switch. I know I could save another patch where the wah is already engaged, but it would be nice not to have to sacrifice a whole patch just for this. How are others navigating this? I really miss the feature on my old X3 Live where I could just depress the pedal and it would click the wah on, just like a regular wah pedal. Thanks Dylan
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