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  1. Number 7 in the USB troubleshooting guide seemed to work! Thank you so much :D
  2. Thank you for responding, sorry for the long delay. Of course, everything but the first POD Farm. I just re-installed the drivers again and it worked for a little bit (about a week or so). I'm guessing it's because I'm changing some of my GX's settings in the ASIO Panel/Tonedirect Settings (only thing I touched was the Buffer Size to Extra Large because it skipped every time I tried to record). It's getting annoying that I have to re-install my drivers every week just to fix this. Edit: Just re-installed my drivers, didn't even touch the Tonedirect Settings Panel at all and it just did it again after a few hours
  3. So I bought a gx a couple of months ago and I am really happy for my buy, but recently it constantly stops working randomly (could be a few minutes to a few hours) and the only thing I can get out of it when it does this is my guitar out of PODFarm. The first thing I decided to do to troubleshoot this problem is just to disable the sound card in playback devices and rather re-enable it or use another sound card for the time being, but when I disable it, the sound devices window freezes, crashes, and it never disables my gx. I reinstalled my drivers, check the connection, changed usb port, and yet it still persists. Thank you for reading and please respond if you can help me out
  4. This is my first post so if I do anything wrong, I'm sorry before hand. I got a PODxt Live from a friend of mine who said I would need it more than him. I've got POD Farm 2 a while ago and used PODxt Live's usb input and processed it through POD Farm to get my tone. Before hand I used a First Act usb cable to record that gave raw guitar sound. I processed that into POD Farm and I got alright results (It had some noise to it but I just bit the bullet on that) but with PODxt Live, when I turn amp, noise gate, eq (basicly everything except for raw guitar) off, it sounds a lot softer and the sound of the clean is "crispier" (like crunchy-ish) and the distortions dont really have much emphasis as they did before hand. I of course googled the problem and spent about 2 hours watching videos and reading forums and manuals but didn't get much or any desired results. I won't say what I found because they are probably just going to make explaining the problem worse but if anyone can explain to me how to possibly fix this issue you would be helping a fellow musician greatly. Thanks again for reading! *P.S. the program I am using is Mixcraft 6 and my OS is Windows 7 (32 bit) if that helps at all
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