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  1. xhid3

    My X3live Turns Off

    Hi, yes of course it is the official line6 px2. I took it to tech support, the internal power unit seems to be damaged and a replacement would go up to $100. I think im not buying any line6 product from now on.
  2. xhid3

    My X3live Turns Off

    Hi my x3 live turns off after about 15 minutes using it. The screen fades out slowly until all data cant be seen, and stays like that, only with the orange backlight on. When this issue happens, i turn the unit off and i turn it on again, it starts working ok but only for about 5 minutes this time .... If I turn it off and on again for a third time in a row, the x3 live only works for about 1 minute and so on. The power supply is brand new. Any clue ?
  3. Im so tired now I've been reaching so many people and always answering the same questions. The service center in spain does not repair my damaged X3L even though it is covered by warranty .... but wait, unless I pay them !!!!!! This is a scandal. Didnt expect this to happen in developed countries. Someone should be fired. Or maybe it is company politics ? That would be even worse case. I tried and opened a ticket here and nothing changes I also wrote to the service center in the UK. And I still have my X3L with the usb drop and footswitch light pipe problems ... This is so frustrating. This is the worst customer support I have ever suffered.
  4. Ok i found that these parts are called "light pipes". A better look here You can get them here plus the footswitch : http://www.fullcompass.com/product/434228.HTML and it is supossed that lin6 should cover these costs ? There is some info in the older fórums but most of it are offline and it gets a real pain to put all this together
  5. Hi man, thanks, yes that seems like it. Besides, in further testing I left the x3 some time on and after a couple of minutes it gets the same blank screen. If I keep powering it on, it gets that blank sooner and sooner, and if i leave it some time to rest it takes longer. So Im guessing some power issues and/or maybe with condensers ?? Along with the connections ... Is there any schematic so I can try to fix this ? Maybe measure V in some points ... Having it repaired in the official tec i assume it would cost more than just buying a used replacement unit :( plus havent found any in my country
  6. Hi, I just noticed another issue with my x3live unit. When I move it, even just a little the screen goes blank yet the power is on . Well it would be more like stays orange color you know. It starts ok when i power it on, it fails only when i move it. I've read many posts with a similar problem but in all of them they got the blank screen when starting the device. Any clue what the issue could be ?
  7. Hi all, I just tried my x3 live after a couple of weeks of not playing it and the whole top line of 6 switches is broken. I opened it and I saw that these pieces : http://www.thinkpcparts.com/index.php?_a=product&product_id=3886 are broken, so the PCB wont stick in its place and the footswitches wont act on the microswitches. Its those legs that are all broken on the 6 pieces !!! Anyone had this issue before ? I read about problems with the microswitches and so but not like this one Also is there any place I can find an affordable replacement ? $13 each is madness , times 6 its $78 plus shiping i'd rather get a new unit !!!
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