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  1. What i learned is that it is better to pick up the phone tommorow morning. If there is nothing in stock i can save the fuel :-)
  2. Thanks a lot :-) I don`t even think about to srew it up. I have to drive 50 KM to the store :-(
  3. now that i am happy with the sound one of my footswitches fall off. The Helix control is only 2 Weeks old and never left my bedroom. I stepped on with socks.... 350 Bucks for a thing i can`t use on a stage ? realy realy bad!!!
  4. i found a solution for my "problem". I had to change the setting of my stagesource l2m to "Floor Monitor". That fixed the tonal issues. Maybe that has something to do with the room i am playing in. Because of lack of time i didn`t try it in another room.
  5. yes, i can confirm this too. I read in a thread about lowering the Output on the Output block in the effectchain. On the first view it helped to reduce the noise, but now i tried a little bit more. It does not help to solve my issues.
  6. please try to set your Outputlevel to -18 DB . If that fixes the problem you can play with the Outputlevel to fit your needs. Greats
  7. Hi, i can confirm this. Most overdriven Ampmodels sound "like a bad speaker or failing amp". This happens to nearly all Marshall Amps. I checked it with the stock patches and also with the Glenn Delaune striped Amp Patches. the loudest artifacts happen in the midrange. if i play a power chord like E (7th fret A String) it starts after a few milliseconds.
  8. OK, i fixed the problem and maybe it is useful for someone... After reading that many people facing problems with groundloops, i discovered that my Notebook-power supply causing the issues. I disconnected the Notebook power supply and holding down the nav rigth on powering up the POD. With Line6monkey i done a normal FW update and it worked. After powercycling the POD there "sons of Plexi" coming up in LCD. Maybe it is helpful to place the POD on a electrical non-conducting surface and pull everything from the POD but the USB. If your PC/Notebook is the problem it can also be helpful to pull at least all additional USB-Connections and in case of using a Notebook to pull the power-supply. Now i`m going to test the new firmware... :-) Greats from germany
  9. Same problem here... an update to the latest firmware failed wirh connection error. After that the POD got the Power/reboot cycling issue... Holding the right nav and powering up let me install the FW from a downloaded file. The latest FW is on the POD, but now the "update-falsh" issue is present... On monday i try it from an other PC ....
  10. I allready have a problem with my Variax 69 (e strings falling of the edge), but the support from Line 6 itself was really fast. After opening a ticket i got a quick response to ship the guitar to a servicecenter. Just for the records.... After 2 Weeks i got my JTV back with a small piece of paper on it "we can`t find any problems". But thats another story :-) I´ve got a Spider Valve MKII; Shortboard MK2; DT25 Head + extension Cab; PODHD500x; All these things work like a charm.
  11. Old thread, but i have the maybe the same problem with my DT25 Head. Highgain Voicings produce a hissing which getting louder if i turn the Mastervolume to a higher position. In British Crunch Voicings their is a humbling sound which is independent from the mastervolume. The amp has new valves (setting up from a tech) and nothing changes.
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