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  1. After listening to this demo, one thing is for sure, the hd500x is still a very capable unit and more than enough for a majority of guitarists. If you dont need a very complicate routing and know how to dial your sound, it will reward you with great tones. Not that I would not like to upgrade!!! But for now I'm more than happy with my pod hd500x You can check it with one of my latest songs: https://soundcloud.com/momogris/palabras
  2. Thanks for listening with so much care! Yeah, I try to create each song as a story, evolving rather than repeating all over the place. I used Logic Pro, Pod HD 500X (which I love!!!) and plugins from Ik Multimedia (Simpleton and Miroslav) searching to give it an old school vibe to it . Cheers mate!!!
  3. Hi all! Just wanted to show you my latest song recorded with a Pod Hd 500x (Telecaster this time). I really think that it´s still a great product and very capable of producing inspiring tones. Let me know what you think. May be not a Helix but I would like to think that the tones are very good. Cheers!!!!! https://soundcloud.com/momogris/palabras
  4. Hi, despite all the answers, yes, I also do think that strat model does´nt. sound like a strat at all. More like a Les Paul with single coils. Honestly, I´ve been comparing it to my real strat (2010 US ) for a few days, and the variax model lacks the sparkle and the harmonic content of a real strat. I´m not saying that it sounds bad, it´s very usable and distinct from other models, but it can´t replace the real thing. It sounds sterile in comparison. In my opinion, humbuckers are easier to model, the are more compressed and with less overtones than single coils are. I don´t really think it´s going to be possible to capture the real soul of the strat in this generation. Just my opinion. Cheers.
  5. Exactly, it happened to me as well. You need to connect a 1/4 cable to the guitar and push the volume so the Variax is awaked. Also, Check that both lights in the VDI are green.
  6. Thanks!!!!! Still discovering new things and different combinations. I´ve definitely changed the strat´s body for the parlor one. It brings more harmonic content out of the strat model, but still not comparable to my real Standard USA. Nevertheless, As others have mentioned, I see this guitar as a broad palette of different "colors". The sounds are, for the most part, very usable, though as I´m playing more and more, you feel that there´s room for improvement in the feeling and the most important thing: overtones. Still a tad on the sterile side. Having said this, I´m keeping mine for sure. Love it and when a new one comes in, I´ll be there. :D Great forum!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!
  7. Well, I´ve to say that my JTV 89 came in so perfect shape that all the nerves I had because I´ve read so many horror stories went away in two minutes. The neck is perfect. The action, much better than my Standard Stratocaster (USA). NO FRET buzz that I have noticed either. :D Smooth from the neck to the bridge. As for the sound..... Some models are so good that I don´t really think you would need those (physical) guitars anymore. The Tele...... Love it!!!!!!! The Stratocaster....... It´s sounds a bit different than mine, but after only two days, and comparing them in a recording environment, I have to say that the Variax settles better in the mix. It sounds a bit more smoother, without having those peaks I hear in my strato (lows and highs) that are a bit piercing to the ear. I find it less microphonic as well and a more compressed, but not in a bad way. Honestly, I didn´t thought it was going to sound so good. :blink: About the cuack.... yes, I agree with others, in my opinion it´s to polite, should be more aggressive. Right now there´s no much difference between this ( 2 and 4) position and the others. The gibsons are stellar as well. So far, the ones I think need more attention are twelve strings and acoustics. My guitar came with 1.72 version, I upgraded to the latest without having listened to it with the actual firmware. Everything was right at first attempt . Overall, I´m happier everyday I play this guitar, and when you connect it to Worckbench HD, then you loose any sense of time :D.... it´s so much fun that I forget to play anything concrete. So, I hope to be around here for a long time and I can´t wait for the next generation (maybe in two years....), because for me, this is the future of guitar. Thanks everybody for been so helpful all this time. I´ve learnt a lot reading this forum and it helped me to convince myself that I had to try one.
  8. MIne ( Jtv 89) came in perfect condition and I really think it plays greatly. Cheers.
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