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  1. Cause leaving your digital trail on the obscure net is such good advice. It's not like it leaves you prone to hacking, or even better, turn your data into a commercial commodity that goes the highest bidder and opens a flood of corporate spam emails. You sure do know what you're talking about. Do us all a favour - cease and desist. @line 6 - please moderate these threads, and clean up your pest infestation.
  2. I want to delete my account as well!!! please spare me the just forget about it, and not I’m not looking to deregister a product, as the topic of this thread and everyone is else on this thread I want to deactivate my account, delete my data and that’s it. waiting for an answer before this hits the news and a few influencers.
  3. Hello Gents, A little help would be highly appreciated. Topic: HX stomp & morning star – 6 switch looper, Dub switch is acting up on morning star. I click Rec / then play, all works fine Rec / then Dub, works fine, however, i'm stuck in DUB, cannot go back to play mode, unless I stop. I cannot even Rec over a previous recording using either the Rec or Dub switch. The single switch on the HX stomp is always the saviour. Something is not right. All CC and settings seem in place. Has anyone encountered this issue? Thank you.
  4. Hello gents. I'm running into a small issue. The expression pedals works fine when I'm at X bank. As soon as I open another bank, the expression pedals stops working. Am I missing anything here?
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