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    Helix Native on PC Sticks, Barebones, mini-PCs.

    I have actually tried the Helix Native with my HX Stomp on my desktop. Even if there's latency, I haven't noticed it since I have a powerful PC. My concern is will the latency be drastically different if I use a laptop? Well. I just have to reformat my old laptop that's on the brink of salvaging to try this one. Thank you for the response!
  2. I just got an HX Stomp, and I want to take advantage of using the Helix Native live through using my Stomp as an audio interface. Has anybody tried the minimum specs the Helix Native can run? Has anyone tried using those small PC sticks, NUC PCs for DAW, vst, and live use especially Helix Native? How was the experience? Or should I just stick with a laptop, say a 2012 Macbook Pro which can be bought refurbished for $200?
  3. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Thanks again! I tried a midi app in iphone through the camera connection kit, and it works! The good thing is, i can keep using my foot to start recording/overdubbing, and apply the effects using my hand whenever there's playback. This way's cheaper than getting a midi foot controller.
  4. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Well, that's too bad. Anyways, maybe I'll try using my mpk249 as a midi controller through midi cables. Also, can the Stomp receive USB midi? Say my Akai mpk mini mkii to send CC messages?
  5. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Wow. Thanks for this. I haven't noticed I can just use Midi CC for the switches. Is it possible to use the extra two footswitches in the HX stomp if I don't want to buy another midi conteroller?
  6. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Can we have the 6 switch looper in the HX Stomp in the next update? I just want to use some of the features, like the 1/2 speed and reverse.
  7. lemueldave

    HX Stomp and Helix Native

    Hope this is not a late reply. I bought the HX stomp solely as to be the audio interface of the Helix Native. Here's my turnaround regarding that problem. I make a preset, turning the output in the HX stomp to 0. In the DAW, I use USB 5-6 as input, so this is the dry DI output. You can leave the DAW output by default (output 1), so you can playback all audio from your computer (e.g., Youtube, signal with Helix Native, etc.), without the effected sound from HX Stomp.