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  1. Thank, i really appreciate your comments!!!
  2. Here is mine. Mini PC Lenovo i5 2.9 Ghz 8 Gb ram (7" x 7" dimensions), Cantabile vst host loading Native, Icon Gboard midi controller, iRig pro audio interface and a cheap 7" Android tablet for touch monitor only. Everything connected and mounted on a 12" x 12.5" pedalboard... Works great...
  3. Hello. I was wondering if Helix Native would work in a mini PC that Im interested in. I plan to build a mobile rig using a mini Pc, a MIDI controller and a Lexicon Alpha (not the best but is what I have). The doubt comes with the characteristics of the microprocessor in the MIni PC, this is a Gigabyte Brix with a Celeron J3455 wich base frequency is 1.5 Ghz but the manufacturer says that works up 2,3 Ghz. As Native requirements says that need from 2 Ghz dual core, I started to think about that 1,5 Ghz base frequency. Wich is the number that I have to pay attention? 1,5 Ghz base freq or the "up to 2,3 Ghz? Thanks ...
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