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  1. alphasports

    POD X3 Connection to Line 6 Monkey

    Make sure you install the driver first before any software like Edit, Monkey etc.
  2. alphasports

    No sound after upgrading to Windows 10

    My X3 bean works like a champ on Win10, with Gearbox, as an interface for Reaper, as an audio-playback device via USB (Asio4All), etc. I loaded BIAS for PC the other day just to see what all the hoopla was about but there was pretty good lag so I dumped it. Same thing for Amplitube. Bottom line I was installing & uninstalling all over the place and it still works fine on WIn10.
  3. alphasports

    Problems Finding My Tone (fizz Or Digital Clip)

    A late arrival to the party here... I agree with you 110%. Finally some real world comments! Just got a Firehawk FX today, more as a toy than anything. I have a Pod X3 and an HD300 (and a real pedalboard chain) but the HD got decommissioned a year or two ago due to this fizz and artifacts. I bought the FX because I loved the tablet interface and stupidly assumed the digital artifacts would have been solved by now. Wrong. Very wrong. If anything they are far worse than the HD300. Play any of the factory presets and just listen to the digital fizz that envelopes the tone as it decays...the tone fades but the fizz stays consistently in your face until the actual tone is 100% dead. Really horrible. So I've been sitting here with my recently-pulled-out-of-the-drawer ancient technology X3 wondering if I'm crazy to think it sounds so much better. Now I realize I'm right! Plus I love the Gearbox app anyway. Firehawk is already packed up and listed on 2 different For Sale sites, should be gone within a day or 2. Will break even as I bought it used, so all part of the fun. Back to my good old Pedaltrain I guess (and the X3 desktop for laughs!). Thanks for the reality check ;)
  4. alphasports

    Anyone moved from Firehawk to Helix

    Would love to hear a few replies here myself. What sort of tones do you use in yours? Just got one today and tried a few tones, I find a very high background noise/artifact level in the higher gain stuff, even as the tone decays the surrounding fizz is always there. Got rid of my HD300 because of this, hoped the Firehawk would be a big improvement. It's arguably worse. Cheers
  5. alphasports

    FBV Express kills Pod X3 output

    Solved, just needed to be recalibrated, thanks to this awesome old thread http://be.line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/1389 Back in business! Cheers
  6. alphasports

    FBV Express kills Pod X3 output

    ...I should add that audible output works fine when in Tuner mode, just not in Tone mode. And when I turn on the bean, all the FBV lights cycle thru their startup routines. Bizarre. Is there some way to reset this thing? I heard that you can press the D pedal while starting up but this had no effect.
  7. Hi guys, My FBV Express (Mk 1) all of a sudden is preventing output from my Pod X3 bean... Basically nothing comes out of the X3 (monitors or headphones) unless the FBV is unplugged. I was paranoid that the bean itself was DOA but did some logical troubleshooting and realized that it's the FBV connection that's gumming up the works. Swapped RJ45 cables, no effect. Opened up the FBV but there's nothing serviceable there but 3 tiny throwaway circuit boards interconnected with ribbon cables, no obvious signs of distress. Not the end of the world, I can grab another on the classifieds, but just surprised that such a simple essentially passive device can short out and defeat the whole downstream fx chain... Anyone else with similar tales of woe? Cheers
  8. alphasports

    problem with podx3 and fbv express

    Not sure what that code might be, try another cable?
  9. alphasports

    Pod X3 desktop USB question (class compliant?)

    That's an interesting question, pretty sure it is class compliant, I use mine as an interface for Reaper. If I had my ipad here I could test it with amplitube or something, maybe later when I get home. Since the bean isn't bus powered there is hope...
  10. alphasports

    Pod X3 Output Options

    I route mine thru a lowly Roland Cube 15x and it sounds awesome...