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  1. I gave up on looping a simple 12 bar blues progression because they require 30 seconds. I always ran out of time. Thank you for posting the 1/2 speed suggestion to allow more time. I've never, ever used the 1/2 speed button for anything before. I'm all over this now.
  2. I tinkered around last night. The crybaby sounded great before the pod. However using the Pedal for Channel volume was more challenging. It's going to require spending more time to set the min-max values dialed-in for each patch/amp. I think using it for gain control may be more usable. I tried it briefly before. Any more thoughts/tips on that?
  3. I spent a little time twiddling the GEQ knobs with headphone last night. Yes, I know headphones aren't the best way to do this. I settled on low cut at 80, and hi cut at 8000. The on/off difference was very subtle, which is what I was expecting. The tone wasn't harmed in any way, but I'm sure it may have shown up on a spectrum analyzer. I'll play with it some more through the amp when I have a chance to turn it up.
  4. Thanks again redmonda. You answered it for me. I agree with what you're saying about getting the individual patches right first. Finally after 2 years, and almost giving up on the whole POD idea, I have a half dozen patches I really like. As for applying GEQ for specific venues..... I don't have the patience, time, talent, or fortitude to change the GEQ for different venues or performance situations. Taking it a step further, I should have different versions of presets for my LP and Strat. However, I don't even that much attention span. I was looking to take advantage of the features in a "quick fix" kind of way. Since I know I NEVER need boomy lows, or modeling fizzy highs I think I'd be happy to within 80-10,000 range for any and all situations. That should leave enough "meat on the bones" for the sound guy to earn his beer, or the mixologist, if I ever get that good. :)
  5. Thanks, I get that they are at the end of the chain. So, the parameters are. EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut). and each can be adjusted to taste. But can I apply more than One of the parameters. With the other effects I can set gain, level, tone, & delay etc all within the same effect? Or is it an either/or situation. ie Low Cut OR High Cut? Since it seems reasonable to me to Low Pass & High Pass globally to save extra work later on in the process. Common sense tells me that I can apply more than one, but I've seen eq plug-ins that do just, One thing. ie Low Pass. I can check it out for myself when I have time, but I just happen to be thinking about it now.
  6. Thanks Palico. Now I'm thinking I should dust off my REAL Crybaby sitting in the closet. I could put that before the POD, and save an FX block and EXP2. I'm using Automatic Impedance and the Noise Gate as the first block. Any Idea how putting the Crybaby will sound before the POD affect things?
  7. I'd love to be able to eliminate the unecessary low and high frequencies that crowd the performance and mix. I've read that cutting <80hz leaves more room for bass and kick. Cutting >10000hz to remove unmusical sizzle and screechiness. Hence my previous post. I'd like to be sure that the LowCut, and HighCut are both engaged. I can experiment this weekend, but the internet is faster.
  8. The GEQ setting has a few pages to it. EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) and turn Knobs 2, 3, and/or 4 to adjust the selected band. etc. Is it shaping/and saving all 5 of those settings globally, or choosing just one eq profile???
  9. hmmmm. I just learned about assigning the pedal to gain etc. This is an interesting idea. My current setup is to have it alternate between Vol/Wah. Is it possible to use it for Channel Vol/Wah?
  10. I realize this is an old topic and the op has probably long since been signed by a major label so he can get his gear for free. I only used effects (no preamp, amp, or cabinet.) I put the mixer/looper at the end of the fx blocks. On Page 4 of the settings where you select that you are going into the front of an amp, There is also a setting for HIs and LOWs. For some reason the default is -50. I dialed mine up to FLAT. It still sound more dull than direct, but it sounded much better. Of course make all of the other changes to. input 1 guitar, 2 (some different), Impedence = Auto. 1/4 output switch= Amp Guitar pad or normal. I'd like to hear why Line-6 would roll off the frequencies so dramatically for a front of AMP setting.
  11. I seriously wish I could have found this topic before I purchased the 500X. It was overkill for what I needed, but the price and flexibility with some holiday discounts made it worth the step up from the other older products on the market. I wanted the ability to run FX only with the 4CM, but it's turned into such a complex operation that I'm spending more time tinkering than playing. On to my problem, I decided that I would setup a SetList for 4CM, and another for using the PowerAmp section etc. I found that if I created a blank preset, say Blackface Twin without adding any FX bocks. By simply adding the FXLoop block, the output volume drops. Remove the FXLoop and the volume increases again. This is the case through headphones and through the regular outputs. It doesn't make sense to me that it's not at unity. I'll spend some more time making the tweaks you're suggesting, but I won't enjoy it.
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