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  1. So I have a similar issue..threw a spectrum analyzer on it and there are spikes every 60hz, with the higher db spikes occurring around the 2k-3khz area. No CRT screens, turned all the lights off and everything else I could, with no effect. I found I could switch to using the aux in and the noise was pretty much gone, albiet the tone was a bit diminished. Switched back to the guitar input, and took a closer look at the noise gate settings. The hi-z setting was on auto, but I found for my guitar 'auto' meant 1MOhm....which didn't help. Dialed it back to the 22k(or the 32k, depending on how hot the patch is) and while the spectrum analyzer still shows it, the noise is no longer audible, sitting at around -100db. I hope someone can use this info to help them along!
  2. Using a Helix Floor unit with the 4CM, and was working pretty well until i upgraded to 2.54. As soon as I did, I'm getting almost no volume going back to the amp, and the master volume knob has zero effect on the output. If I bypass the fx loop, it goes back to normal volume, and the volume control works normally. The amp control still switches channels appropriately, unlike some others I've seen, But unless I can figure out the volume issue I'll have to roll back to a previous version for it to be useable. Any suggestions welcome :).
  3. Having a problem with amp control when switching between presets. After saving a preset with an ext amp toggle to 'on', when switching to that preset the amp is not toggled, even though the switch indicates on. Using a crate shockwave amp if that matters. I can switch back and forth between another snapshot that is toggled off, then it works as expected. I usually prefer to have my presets default to the clean channel, for this amp that's an 'on' toggle. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful! Steps to recreate: 1. Save 2 snapshots within a preset, Snapshot 1 with ext amp toggled on, Snapshot 2 with ext amp toggled off. Snapshot 1 is saved as the active Snapshot. 2. Switch back to that preset: Expected behavior - Snapshot 1 is selected, ext amp toggled on, and amp toggles to the 'on' state, in my case a clean channel. Observed behavior - Snapshot 1 is selected, the footswitch 'ext amp' is toggled on, but the amp is not toggled, and is on the lead channel. Selecting Snapshot 2 and then Snapshot 1 will toggle the amp, or switching the footswitch 'ext amp' off and back on. At first this could seem to be a bit of a minor thing, but when you have the clean channel setup going thru the lead channel instead, you can potentially get some very...interesting but undesired sounds and feedback while you're frantically trying to get it switched :p. Thanks!
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