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  1. HD 500X Global EQ does not affect USB recording? Today I accidentally discovered that whatever settings I did not do, it does not affect the recording in my DAW. Is it just me having such a problem or so conceived? In the headphones all okay, EQ works. :blink:
  2. For 2.6 Firmware http://nitroflare.com/view/E86681D5449854A/POD_HD500X_Bundle_2015-Jun-17.5xb
  3. Seems i have solved the problem !!! :D After testing, I finally figured out, what exactly was the problem with my device: The device is no longer restart after changing presets, and POD HD Edit work fine. Fix: 1. Update the latest firmware from file 2.62.00.phf 2. Update the latest USB firmware to 1.04 3. Reset all settings (Power down, Power on + Left Arrow) 4. Calibrate everything (Power down, Power on + Right Arrow) 5. Install latest Pod HD Edit (v2.26) 6. Power on 7. In the Main settings (page 5) change sample rate S/PDIF output, from 44.1Khz (default) to 48Hz. 8. Profit ;)
  4. I started to understand, this is not a program, cable, windows or drivers problem's. I tried 2 diferent PC, 3 diferent vers of Windows (7x64, 7x86, 8.1x86) and finally i disconnect POD from PC. Today i sight, POD rebooted, after 30 swithes to another preset. WTF! This is similar to RAM overload. The other POD functions are working properly. Any suggestion?
  5. blackavrora

    POD HD Edit

    I have POD HD500x, when i swith presets, POD HD Edit loses usb connection a few seconds. I did a reset, I updated the firmware to 2.6, changed the wire, reinstall Windows. No other program is running in that moment, windows is clean, no antivir etc, just clean install & drivers. My PC: Samsung R530 Windows 7 x64 OEM 3xUSB 2.0 SSD SiliconPower 256Gb Intel Core i3 2.2Ghz m350 3GB Ram The problem is not solved. Any suggestion? Thanks
  6. Found an interesting problem. If you just restore setlist, and not to make any changes in patches, then turn off your POD HD500x, in setlist will be the old name. After making change any patch, new setlist name saved.
  7. I've been looking for how to reset the customized patches to the standard state, and so not found. And decided to fix this problem myself. If anything interesting, here is the archive with the setlist's and patches (Original Backup new Pod HD500X). You can restore the memory of POD HD500X to factory condition, or you can clear all setlists to User state. You can restore all factory patch individually, or all setlist. PS:Sorry for my english Presets: http://nitroflare.com/view/9E7ED9A3C35B160/Pod_HD_500X.zip
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