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  1. Solved! Don't know what was going on but a while after the reinstall it's all ok again. Cheers for the help!
  2. Hi, I've tried what you recommended, completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Monkey, but the problem is still exactly the same. The amp still reads as "Ready To Update" and I can't use it at all. Really don't understand what this issue is, all the cables are correctly connected and I've even tried this on another computer with no success. When I ask Monkey to find devices, my amp is showing as 'Spider IV' rather than the 'Spider IV 120' option which is confusing...
  3. Hello, I recently bought a FBV Shortboard MKII to go with my Spider IV 120. I've connected up to my laptop using the correct cables with the intention of updating the firmware and using Spider Online. However, I downloaded Monkey and tried to update the Flash Memory update for the amp. Every single time I try, I get the following message. "Spider IV 120 update failed. (Code 8000000A) An undefined error occurred. Try the update again making sure the cables are still connected." Now I can't use the amp at all, as it's stuck on a menu saying "Ready to Update." :unsure: I also cannot seem to factory reset the amp at all. I really don't know what to do. PLEASE help anyone?! :(
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