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  1. So I witnessed real MAGIC for once! I totally get your point and you're right; I've also compared the Dhyana Drive with my original Zendrive but again, you never know if it was the same version modeled. I had the feeling that you need to work a lot (at least for me) in order to get a "good" sound, and that definitely shows I need to spend more time learning this magical device called Helix. As for the Custom Audio, yes it is expensive but I guess because has been discontinued. It's a great amp but heavy as hell in terms of weight, that's why I was hoping to replace it somehow for live gigs.. but this thought always leaves me after playing it and then I realize I would rather get a herniated disk than replacing it with something else.
  2. Thanks for the info! So, I just used my Helix right now (everything was left as it was: cables, saved patch on the Helix, etc..) and it magically works.. I'm trying to figure out what could have caused the problem but I have no idea. But I have another question, is it normal that the overdrives (king of tone, zen drive, minotaur) sound a bit off? I have the impression that they don't sound similar as if their corresponding pedal would be plugged straight into the amp.
  3. Yes, I checked many times both wiring and quality of the cables. I'm using a Custom Audio Amp OD-100. (amp itself works great so no tubes issue or else)
  4. Yes, everything is at the right volume. I noticed there's a tiny speck of sound coming from the amp as if something is turned way too low.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm trying to use the Helix 4cm with my tube amp but I don't have sound at all; I checked the cables routing and quality, everything's fine. I might be wrong but as far as I know, you need to use the Fx Loop block in order to create the virtual image of your amp in the Helix path so you can add effects before or after. Now, is this the right way to do it or should I use 2 blocks (send and return) rather than all in 1 block? Also, what should I set the 1/4 inch out and the send 1 and return 1, line or instrument? (so far 1/4 inch out is on line and every send and return is on instrument). Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Here's an example. What should I do to avoid it? Noises.mp3
  7. Like pops, digital squeaky noises, that happens during the playback. I tried everything I could to the best of my knowledge but I didn't fix this problem.
  8. I'm experiencing terrible noises due to lack of clock sync between Reaper and Helix, used as an USB audio interface. I tried to set the same sample rate but the noises are still there in the recording. Can someone please help me fix this issue and explain me (like I'm a 5 y o kid) how to make the Helix the master and Reaper the slave? Thanks in advance!
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