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  1. You may need to use a laptop computer running on battery without power plugged in to remove the ground loop.
  2. Bugera V22 and Crate V50. Stereo tube amp setup and lovin it!
  3. I just bought a Butler Tube Driver to take care of my OD needs. The Pod just wasn't doing it for me in that department.
  4. Thanks! Let me know what it takes for you to get a decent sound out of it. i.e. volume, treble, gain, whatever. Have a good one!
  5. Thinking about the muffled sound on your system, I suppose it could be that I set my amp controls to sound like David's dry tone and then built the patch on my Pod. My tone controls and presence are probably way different than your normal settings. What about with headphones? Still muffled?
  6. Thanks for the feedback on this! I really appreciate it. I added OD control via the volume pedal and centered the mixer controls. I think that was all. Plus I turned all the switches back on for people that want to turn things on and off. Let me know if you like the new one better or not. Thanks!
  7. I just updated this tone with a volume control for the overdrive section. Works pretty darn good now for those songs. For those that are following this. :)
  8. There is no right or wrong here... Have you tried it both ways? How did it make you feel? Whatever sounds best to you at the time is the right way. Tomorrow may be different so change it up again and make it right at that time. Making music is no different than doing a painting. The artists' mood is what sets the tone and the observer will resonate to it or not, but either way the artist is in control of the artwork. Experiment and have fun with it. Inspire yourself! :) edit to add: However, that being said, I prefer to get my amp to the point of almost breaking up and then add a touch of boost to fully saturate the tubes and throw it of the top.
  9. Yeah, it's a user name I've used for years. I used to race cbr's in the Supersport class locally.
  10. Alright. I did notice that the mixer is panned hard left and hard right so You may want to bring those more to center if you aren't using dual amps or headphones with it.
  11. I guess by the underwhelming response that this patch liked very well. Without feedback on it I don't even know why. Oh well, I tried.
  12. I hope it gives you a good platform to start from in getting that Island tone on your rig. Let me know your opinion of it. :D
  13. *Updated tone* I tried a different approach to getting overdrive with this patch. What do you think of it? Seems to have less fizz than the regular distortion and overdrive models in the Pod lineup.
  14. cbrfreak

    Sound On Sound

    Here is a patch I made just for that Gilmour SOS. Have fun!
  15. I can confirm for you that my POD HD500x is running two seperate amps with no issues at all. One on the right channel and one on the left.
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