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  1. thanks glideman i'm starting to figure it out. had to go to the pedal itself and i was only trying to do it with the editor on the pc
  2. With the pod we had the option to either select a patch with the bank and then use all 8 switches with different effects or use the bank to store up to 4 patches then once a patch is selected you could use only the top 4 switches to turn on/off effects. I find i cant do the latter on the Helix or am i wrong? Can someone explain if this would be possible. Thanks again.
  3. Hi watch4king, I read in the manual that the input can't have a footswitch assigned so maybe there is no way to have path 2 active / inactive by way of a switch. If i am wrong i would welcome someone's correction. In the meantime i was able to fix the volume issue. I now have my dirty and lead tone in path 1A and 1B. I change between them via 1 single footswitch that adds volumne boost, reverb and delay to my signal. Then in path 2A i have a clean amp with its effects. I change between paths using the exp2 pedal, the trick is in the output for both signals. The dirty one (path 1) i tell it the lowest volume is -120db and highest is 0db. Then the clean path (path2) the lowest and highest volume has to be in 0db. Now as i change from clean to dirty using the exp pedal the change is smooth and even between tones.
  4. Hi there. It seems I only come here to post any time I buy a new Line 6 unit. Sorry for not being a more active member. Just got the Helix and I'm trying to find my way around it and use some of the functionality that I am used to, having been a Pod X3 and then Pod HD500x user for years. I have a patch with Path 1A and 1B. I can go between them by moving the expression pedal up and down. Just like I did with my Pod HD500. Toe position Dirty sound, Heel position a clean sound. I then created a second Path (2A) which I would like it to be my Lead tone. Can I assign a foot switch to go deactivate Path 1AB and then activate Path 2A? is this possible? There is a reason why I am doing this. At first I had Path 1 A and B to be the dirty with Lead boost and then Path 2 be my clean sound and go between them with the expression pedal, the problem was I could not get the expression pedal to go smoothly between the 2 patches. Whether I used linear or algorithmic curve the clean sound faded very quickly leaving dead air as I roll to the Distortion sound. So I guess, if there is a solution to either scenario above I would be much grateful to you Thanks
  5. Hey man thanks so much for the reply. I will work on resaving my patches while having the l2m connected. I use the l2m in 2 bands. One as a full frfr but the other one i need the thing to behave more like an amp. Thanks again for the tip
  6. Hi there, recently purchased a used L2M unit, my question is simple. I'd like to use the electric guitar mode of the speaker but after I connect it with the Pod using the Link connection and then setting the speaker to Electric Guitar Mode, as soon as I change patches it goes back to Reference/PA Mode.... how can I tell it to stay in electric mode? Thanks
  7. Hey phil, im using the pod hd500x pedalboard, not the bean. I am connected to the pc at home, using headphones, but when jamming with the band i am not connected to the pc and experience the issue, being able to hear the magnetic pickups patch on the pa speakers, when that should obly pick up my piezo sound. :-(
  8. http://www.sendspace.com/file/bz1i0w Try that sorry, then click on "Click here to download from sendspace" it is hard panned to the left so it should not bleed to the right. All effects are on the upper signal (assigned to left channel) before the mixer, there are no effects after the mixer
  9. Here's an example of the problem I have www.sendspace.com/filebz1iow the sound should go to the left channel only, but it bleeds to the right. It can even be heard using headphones, and it can be also heard if sending L output to my amp and R to the PA You will notice in the mixer I have the right output muted Don't know what I am doing wrong...
  10. Hi Phil, I am using both 1/4" outputs, not XLRs. Maybe I can try what you suggest or maybe just using XLR outs and avoid the 1/4 outputs?
  11. Hi everyone I've had my POD for a while but now I am using more of its capabilities in this new band I am in. I have a guitar with piezo and magnetic outputs. So I send one cable to the "guitar in" for magnetic pickups and another cable to the AUX input in the POD. I set my patch so the left signal (assigned to top row patch) is for the magnetic pickups, and right signal (bottom patch for my piezo pickup). I then have the left output go into an amp and the right output go into a PA for my acoustic tone. I indicate to the POD that input 1 is Guitar and input 2 is AUX. So far so good. I use the volume pedal to go from acoustic to electric. It works great PROBLEM: I now go to a different patch which has a distorted signal on top and a clean amp at the bottom. I control them with the expression pedal. Commom sense tells me I should tell the POD that input 1 is guitar, input 2 is Variax (to ensure the Aux channel is not on) and I send the signal of both patches to the left in the POD'x mixer, ensuring that audio is only going to the amp, not the PA. I STILL GET SOUND THROUGH THE PA. The left channel bleeds into the right and the only solution would be to unplug the right output to the PA, but it is not a practical solution when you are playing live and using these patches in one song. I tried figuring out this by turning all effects off, thinking that some effects might be stereo and would bleed, but even just having the 2 amps with no effects you can still hear sounds coming from the right channel (PA) when it is muted on the POD. Any help or suggestions are welcomed, thanks for reading
  12. Hi there, Just upgraded to a HD500X. One thing that is alarming me is not being able to figure out (dont know if it is possible) to have 2 independent tones in one single FS and then have the ability to control them by rocking the exp pedal back (for one tone) and then move up (for the other tone). This used to be great about the Pod X3 allowing you to morph your sounds from a clean tone with amp X to a dirty tone with amp Y. I have been able to pan with the exp pedal but this is useless as I want to keep both tones in stereo when moving my exp pedal. Any help figuring this out would be appreciated. Thank you Frank
  13. BUMP, I have the same question about the mic'ing option, is that possible? in that video I see a mic but the sounds seemed to be coming from ambient mic's.
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