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  1. has anyone heard/had experience with the ISP Technologies Stealth Power Amp?... a buddy of mine told me about it... seems legit..
  2. Well I was running a Spider Valve HD100 mkii head... but I just wanna try something else.. I was lookin at the crown xli800?
  3. Hey guys.. so i needs some help/advice.. i'm getting a pod hd pro and i'm wondering a few things: 1: how can i use it live with my mesa 2x12 cabinet 2. what's a good power amp to use, that won't break the bank... 3. how do i connect everything (the mesa 2x12 cab has only 1 input / 8ohms thanks... mesa 2x12 cab pod hd pro schecter pt schecter damien solo elite schecter damien elite 7
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