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  1. buroglou

    Amplifi now needs to Add a Looper Function, Record Playback

    That would be great !
  2. http://line6.com/support/topic/7272-variax-300-sounds-much-better/ i think we need this ( check at bottom )
  3. *Update* Riffworks and Sonic Prot Vx driver version 1.52 works with Win10 64-bit. Driver 1.76 is not working neither 32-Bit or 64-bit
  4. I was using a five meters cable , by the time i changed the cable to a two meters problem is stopped.
  5. buroglou

    Amplifi 75 and Win10 Rocks

    For my end...Win10 are smooth while recording ... Amplify 75 just rocks :)
  6. buroglou

    AMPLIFi 75 & Win 7 (64bit)

    Unpair all the Bluetooth devices into ur settings and try to pair with amplifi again
  7. buroglou

    Amplifi 75 and Win10 Rocks

    Wow,just wow !
  8. Amplifier 75 works with Riffworks and Sonic port vx isn't working ? Come on guys...fix the Sp vx drivers please...
  9. For those who use Riffworks and Win10 Sonic Port Vx drivers 1.76 do not work , so stay Win7 and Sonic Port drivers 1.52 untill its fixed.
  10. buroglou

    AMPLFi and Sonoma Riffworks

    Many thanx and Best wishes for 2015 !!!
  11. buroglou

    AMPLFi and Sonoma Riffworks

    Can you please tell me if i can use AMPLFi and Sonoma Riffworks for recording ? Thanx and a Happy New Year