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  1. i think we need this ( check at bottom )
  2. *Update* Riffworks and Sonic Prot Vx driver version 1.52 works with Win10 64-bit. Driver 1.76 is not working neither 32-Bit or 64-bit
  3. I was using a five meters cable , by the time i changed the cable to a two meters problem is stopped.
  4. For my end...Win10 are smooth while recording ... Amplify 75 just rocks :)
  5. Unpair all the Bluetooth devices into ur settings and try to pair with amplifi again
  6. Amplifier 75 works with Riffworks and Sonic port vx isn't working ? Come on guys...fix the Sp vx drivers please...
  7. For those who use Riffworks and Win10 Sonic Port Vx drivers 1.76 do not work , so stay Win7 and Sonic Port drivers 1.52 untill its fixed.
  8. Many thanx and Best wishes for 2015 !!!
  9. Can you please tell me if i can use AMPLFi and Sonoma Riffworks for recording ? Thanx and a Happy New Year
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