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  1. You would need to put a mono fx block at the end of the chain ... At rehearsal we noticed how crappy the sound through one xlr was , using the left mono jack output solved the problem , same patch no tweaks ... Raf
  2. I discovered a while back that you need to use 2 xlrs to get a decent sound , or the jack which is mono Dunno if thats whats happening but using only one xlr sounds awfull Raf
  3. And the setlists or current banks don't matter ... Ill try today ... Man this is great ... R
  4. This is cool , id like to switch presets instead of turning on/off fx as well ... Could you explain a bit more how to achieve this ! Thx Raf
  5. Raf_666

    Missing presets

    Reset the amplifi, or delete the bluetooth connection and reconnect to the amplfi ... Reset by holding down tone and volume button while powering up ... Check the v1.1 posts ... Raf
  6. No u get all presets , however only accessable using the app or the fbv's ... R
  7. Raf_666

    AMPLIFi v1.1

    Haven't had the time to check it out yet , just the app and connection , no playing ... If i do i'll let you know R
  8. Raf_666

    AMPLIFi v1.1

    I managed to get all presets , however dont know what did the trick , i also removed the amplifi in the list of bluetooth devices ... Removed the app from my icloud as well ... Thx guys Raf
  9. Raf_666

    AMPLIFi v1.1

    I assumed that the 100 presets would be populated as in the amplifi fx100 R
  10. Raf_666

    AMPLIFi v1.1

    i upgraded yesterday , took indeed a very long time , is assumed things froze at first but just be patient. i also noticed that only the first bank is filled with presets , shouldnt there be presets everywhere ? How did you get them all to appear ? Should i connect the shortboard express as well ? Grtz Raf
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