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  1. I installed the new FW and I noticed that the battery life is shortened a lot...Now It works for less than an hour and it need to be recharged...it's very frustrating especially in live!--- It is possible to downgrade? I can't find the previous version of the firmware in the website. thank you BR M.
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    FRFR Question

    Hi to all. someone of you tried the Power Engine from TECH 21? I watched a demo on youtube using a POD500 and it is seems phenomenal...It seems capable to maintain the characteristic of every amp simulated in the POD...I've helix and I've an Alto too...In general I play with headphones or studio monitors and it is very good, but with the alto....uhm...Its depends from a lot of factors...The input power level from Helix to Alto influence the sound a lot...but also if the input levels seems ok the Alto feels like all the simulation sounds the same....
  3. Hi to all. I'm trying to using HelixLT as an audio IF. I can record guitar with Reaper or video/audio directly with OBS for exampe so I'm sure that I've the correct ASIO Helix LT drivers installed and everything is working properly....BUT.... I want to use Helix LT also an audio IF for native, I tried to create a emplty patch and to use the USB7 that can be used to record the dry guitar trace for reamping then I started reaper and Helix Native but it doesn't works...Could someone give me some advice or suggested settings on this? Just for information I can use Helix Native with REaper and another audioIF as for example scarlett 2i2 or Yamaha THR...but I'm not able to do the same with Helix... any tip or suggestion will be appreciated! thanks a lot M.
  4. HI to all, I read a lot of people that really like the byerdinamic DT770 with helix...Or in general a lot of people that like a lot the high impednce headphones. May be the sound quality can be higher compared to some lowest impedance headphones...but I've a question about voulme. In general an higher impedance headphone should give less volume to the hear isn't it? So do you need to increase the phone output volume in helix to listen at reasonable level isn't it? or do you need external headphone driver?. I experimented with AKG240MKii..they are not bad and they have an impedance of 55OHms.. I tried also a pair of auddiotechnica m40X with 32 impedance and the difference in terms of volume is big...and also the sound quality on the Audiotechnica is better compared to the AKG240. thank you. KR- M.
  5. Dear all. I used Helix Native as plugin with reaper without any problem...As an audio IF I used my scarlett 2i2.. Now I'm trying to use only HelixLT as an audio IF..So I can use it to record in Reaper without any problem, I can set Helix LT ASIO driver in options... But If I try to start Helix Native with a empty track I can't ear any sounds...the meters at the input of Helix Native seems not working.. I also tried to set as input the input 7 that I know is used to record the dry guitar but nothing happens... Please someone can help me to understand the right settings? I think could be great to have the possibility to use helix native to edit some presets and try different IRs...and once done simply export the preset and import it in my LT. any help will be appreciated. thank you. M.
  6. In order to get the better results in order to use the POD HD500/X with the 4CM I recommend to use these settings: 1) Turn to maximum the volume level of the POD, I use an additional expression pedal connected to the POD to control the volume 2) put the switch of 1/4 output to AMP mode 3)put the FX switch on STOMP mode 4) Insert the FX block (send and return after the mixer), set the send level to 0, the return level depends by your amp, in my classic 30 I have to set him around the +12dB in my laney Ironheart on +6 dB, try to find the one that better fit your amp.. 5) In the mixer put the pan on 0 for both path and the level on 0 dB for Both path... These settings works pretty good.... Personally I use the amp sound so I put som effects before the amp (wha, noise gate, compressors distorsions, tremolo phaser, flanger etc..)and others after(equalizer (to boost for solos), delay reverbs chorus harmonizer , and volume pedal at the end)..... occasionally I use some preamps models...In my opinion Soldano Crunch,Pete amp, Mahadiva, Brit 800, Plexi lead normal work pretty good.. In these cases I put the output model on Combo power amp, and I use also the cab models of preamps... For global setting in my pod HD500x I set Guitar for both guitar inputs and in general I use the 3.5MHom as input impedence level...In my opinion in this way all the dynamic of my guitars is preserved.... I hope this can help the Line 6 community. Regards
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