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  1. The update came out only yesterday… I'm thinking that Line6 want to make sure all their products work before they make a statement…
  2. I upgraded my Mac to El Capitan 10.11.1 yesterday. My UX1 works again. Yay! :D
  3. It is bad to have no sound from the UX1, yes. I feel your pain, same here. But if you are talking about "professional" then the fault is your own. You forgot one cardinal rule: if you rely on your equipment to work, you DON'T perform a major update like an OS update without knowing that everything you use is compatible with the new release. Especially not in the middle of a project. And I mean not just that you have not read about problems, but that people (preferably the developers) have verified that your setup works. And second, if you rely on your equipment to work then you should have a backup you can roll back to in case of problems. That said, I'm wondering why there is a mention of the incompatibility between the 7.3.8 drivers and Yosemite in the Japanese knowledge base but none in the English one…
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