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  1. Hi I would like to put settings on my Pod HD 500X, that control the speaker mode on my L2t., because sometimes I play electric and sometimes I play acoustic on my JTV. I have got the L6 cable which works fine on my DT25, but I would like to control the L2t the same way. I already tried to find the acoustic sound on my Pod HD and put my L2t speaker mode on acoustic guitar. Then I saved the patch on my Pod HD, but it did not call the same speaker mode afterwards. In the line 6 edit program there seems only the possibility to control the DT... So please help me Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you for your answer Palico When I look in the default settings the 1 Typology and the ab setting are a bit over represented and the 4 typology and the a setting as well as the tiode mode are under represented. Do you know whether there is a reason for that?
  3. Hi Lately I bought a DT 25 to combine with my Pod HD500X When I look in the POD HD edit program on my PC, I see that most of the amps in my pod HD are cobined with class ab, type 1 and pent mode on my DT. Should every amp show its best solution on the DT25 by itself or do we have to find it out for ourselves? What could you advice to program on the DT possibilities according to the amps on the Pod HD? I'm looking forward to your answers...
  4. Hi I am using the pod HD 500X in combination with the L2t. I know that there are several switches on the L2t to put it on keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar etc. Normally I set an amp and a cabinet already in the Pod HD. Is it still a logic thing, to set the L2t to electric guitar wich should imitate a cabinet, or is it better to put it to PA sound or playback or whatever? What would you guys advice?
  5. ezaz

    Helix Insight?

    Are there any mic pre amp models in the Helix?
  6. Hi Since there is a mic input on the helix, it could be useful to do some vocal recordings. In the Pod X3 were some modelled mic pre amps. Are there any modelled mic pre amps in Helix and if yes, which ones?
  7. Hi I am using a tube mic form studio projects, so I don't have a problem with 48 v. But on the HD 500X I use the vintage pre in combination with the tube compressor. From there I use the SP/DIF output the my MOTU soundcard and to my DAW. This sounds pretty good. But if Line 6 would release a good HD Pre amp pack, I would surely want it.
  8. ezaz

    More Model Packs?

    I can imagine a good pack of mic pre amps for the Pod HD
  9. Line 6 has got a good tradition in descibing the models of the amps they put in the various Pods. Will their also be such a manual for the new HD Modelpacks? Hope so...
  10. Hi there It is a good line6 tradition, that when they have some nice product, that they provide a 2.0 update flash memory with lost of nice beautiful stuff. The Pod HD 500X has been here now for a while... Isn't it time to make us happy with the 2.0 update now? Did anyone hear any rumours about that? I am curious and waiting for the hopeful answers...
  11. Hi I have my dreamrig with JTV, pod hd 500x and the l2m. Is it possible to change the settings of the l2m with link 6 link like changing from PA to acoustic to electirc and so on? If not, maybe a good option for the next ypdate for Pod HD 500x
  12. I all sounds nice But what would you suggest.? In fact the L2M is a FRFR amp, but it also has knobs for electric guitar and acoustic guitar. What is more logical to do, use Pod X3L with studio output setting and use electric guitar and acoustic guitar, put it on output setting combo and use guitar outputs or put it on studio output with a FRFR stetting? I am curious about your experiences...
  13. Hi guys I alread owned the JTV and the Pod X3L. I want to combine these with an L2m. What do you suggest for electric guitarmode? Use electric guitar mode on L2m with studio mode on Pos X3L or should I use another mode on the L2m? Please let me know your advices... Thanks in advance
  14. Hi there Is there any of you, who has found a good fretless basstone for PX3L? I have been looking in the customtone library, but I couldn't find. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. Hi guys I own a JTV 89F, a pod X3L and up to now I used my atomic reactor amp. Maybe I will change my amp but I know the X3L has no line 6 link. What will be the better choice? Have an Lm speaker or a dt 25? Do they have an input which skips the pre amp like I was used to with my atomic, so I can have all the advantage of my X3L? I will only skip to a Pod HD when it will have the possibilities of the X3L. So with bass amps and mic pre amps, until then I will be happy with my X3L. By the way on this forum I read that the Pod 550 HD doesn't sound better than the X3L. I have no experience with the 500 HD, so I don't know. Thank you for your answers...
  16. Hi Guys I went on trying and I came to the next conclusion: 1) Put the JTV tuning knob on the position: model 2)Put you r desired tuning from the users at tab to the JTV alt tab at the position you want it to be -> it will tell you that it will be writing to the JTVF now. 3)Your own alt tuning is put to your guitar, when you turn the at tuning knob, you can see that the light that will switch on darker blue on your onw tunings, so you can see that it worked. Success with your tunings
  17. So far so good. I got them programmed and saved on my PC But how to get them on my variax in the way that the models stay the same, only the tuning changes?
  18. Hi I bought a JTV 89F Great guitar, but on the alt tunings bank, I would rather have the alt tunings of the jtv 69 than to keep the alt tunings of the jtv 89. How could I put those alt tunings on my jtv 89 with the help of workbench 2.0. I would like to have these tunings working on every model, so reachable with the alt tunings knob. I am curious about your answers
  19. Hi There I am using Pod X3L and JTV with the VDI cable. I could get the proper JTV modelling sounds by putting the Pod X3 at variax ch 1 or ch 2.. Now I can only get the pick up sounds. What can I do? I have done the update again, now it work. Probably something went wrong in the first update, because all modeling sounds were gone
  20. Yes, I am very much waiting for it. The strong point of the POD X3 is the great variation in the way us can use it in the studio as well. There are many bass amps and pre-amps for mikes in it, which makes it still the choice for me. Will there be something like that in HD? I can't wait...
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