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  1. I misunderstood FrankLo..........Fast Startup is the hybrid shutdown/hibernate stuff built into Windows 10. As soon as I disabled it all started to work again from cold starts......awesome http://www.windows10update.com/2015/05/windows-10-tutorials-66-how-to-enable-or-disable-fast-startup/
  2. Hi, I'm having this EXACT same problem (I have done the past year, I'm close to throwing the KB37 out, but thought I'd check if someone is encountering similar issues here first!)...... I'm running on Windows 10 small form factor desktop.....MIDI does not work when booting PC from cold, the octave select lights are out, though audio works fine. A restart or pulling the cable out/in solves it.......sometimes for not very long.....if I start using Reaper the MIDI might freeze up halfway through a session causing everything to go haywire, requiring a PC reboot to resolve.... From FrankLo's text I have disabled quick boot in my BIOS, but I still have the problem......does anybody have any suggestions?
  3. Port old X3 effects into Helix with some pre-amps: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Old-X3-Effects-never-ported/798525-23508?submitted=1
  4. Oh yes, a good pre-amp would be great, a Neve or something for vox would be ideal. Another effect I'd like to see from the X3 on the Helix is the Pattern Tremolo. I would, and sometimes do opt to use other VSTs such as Amplitube (I've not used S-Gear yet, but I'll give it a try). The trouble is, I like being able to demo a song and create all the tones in my DAW using POD Farm, and then I simply have to save the tone and export it into my X3 to use it live. It cuts out a lot of the work trying to match a sound made using a variety of VSTs etc. I don't see any point in investing in anything newer than an X3 till this is possible.
  5. Hi, I've been using a POD X3 for my live sound for many years now and although I'm very happy with it, I've always wanted to upgrade, even more so now with the release of Helix. The trouble is, a few of my bands songs extensively use the X3's 'Synth Strings' effect, so much so that we cannot live without it. I bought an HD Pro a year or two back to replace the X3, seeing it had a 'Synth String' effect, however I had to return it as the HD's 'Synth String' sounded nothing like the X3's Synth String, plus it seemed the HD couldn't do half the the stuff the X3 could do in Dual Tone mode without reaching DSP processing limits? Are there plans to patch the Synth String effect into the Helix? If not, can there be? This will be the Synth String effect modelled on 'ARPSolina / Elka® Strings'. Also, for recording, I like to record the dry signal, and use POD Farm VST, so that I can tweak settings further down the line. Are there plans to make a VST Helix plugin, so that I can have Helix tones within my DAW, rather than one-shot recording?
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