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  1. Thanks DarrellM5, I do realize the differences between "various amps and effects". But if I'm understanding you correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong), you (and I'm suspecting others) are suggesting an adjustment of the final patch volume using the main output volume knob 'after the fact'. It's my experience that you can't do this because it completely changes the sound and colors the tone of the original. Just like turning down the volume knob on a guitar will clean up a tone and turning up guitar volume will increase distortion. This is much too my disappointment as I was under the impression that I was going to be able to create a patch at bedroom volume then simply crank up the output volume knob for the larger venue and the patch would sound the same, and visa versa. This just hasn't turned out to be the case. Some sort of standard would have to exist at the 'beginning' of the process then listened to by others using the same output level. And yes volume increases between styles of presets will still exist, but will still be more in touch with reality compared to what we have now. 'Then' you could go into the standardized patch and edit it to sound the same for different volume levels. As it is now we're sharing presets and IRs that have had a great deal of work put into them, and the person receiving them have absolutely no idea as to what they really sound like because everybody's got their own output volume level when checking them out. I realize there is no perfect solution, but it just seems to me that there is some way of making this issue a lot better.
  2. I LOVE the Helix BUT, I have a wish. Not with the Helix unit itself though. I wish that users (or Line 6 themselves since they would be most knowledgeable/qualified to know where a potential sweet spot might be) would come up with some sort of a gold standard for creating/sharing presets where 'Helix output volume' is concerned. I know presets are always going to sound differently depending upon the many variables in music genre/guitars/amps/headphones/studio equip/etc. But the enormous difference in volume levels ,and their effect on distortion/tone, among various shared presets (and admittedly even the ones coming with the unit itself) is ridiculous. Contrary to my previous understanding, a preset does not sound the same regardless of Helix volume output knob setting being used anymore than an analog tube amp and pedal board will. I'm using a Stage-source L3t and you can't create a preset with a low Helix output volume level and expect it to sound the same when you turn the output volume up - or visa versa. 'In that particular aspect' I've found that the 4 cable method to back of an amp actually works a little better. But it seems to me that problems could be diminished greatly for everyone if everyone had a 'reasonable' standard Helix volume output knov setting for every setup "method" being used to create the setup. One for those using four cable method, one for those who go to the front of an amp, those using headphones, Stage-source/FRFR speakers or like, etc. Maybe one volume setting could work for all. I don't know but why not at least narrow it down. Maybe simply tell others, when posting, where your Helix and general external equipment volume level was when you created it. And yes, of course you would still need to tweak tone settings to suit your own desired overall volume level for any future given venue or purpose. But at least you would have a much better idea, to start with, of what the pre-set's creator actually "intended" for it to sound like. As it is now, downloading a decent preset seems like a crap shoot. And more than likely almost all of them sound really great from the perspective of the creator and his unpredictable equipment settings. LikeComment Share
  3. This 'might' help. Not sure our issues are the same but this worked great for me. I too was surprised at how far I had to press the volume pedal before something happened. Swells were very difficult. It seemed an all or nothing situation. I don't remember off the top of my head which is which, but try switching the volume pedal parameter from "linear" to "Logarithmic" - or visa_versa. One is great for swells and the other is not. I assume there's a similar setting for exp pedals as well. I haven't hooked one up to my Helix yet so I've not even looked.
  4. How old are you? Mine squeaked too. I investigated. Turned out to be my ankle.
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