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  1. We sound similar in our ages and interests except that I actually do play weekly at my church. Definitely not a professional - just a man-cave guitar hero of my own imagination with expensive tastes. A) As the previous post suggested, you need to stop plugging straight into the front of your old amp. Search Youtube on how to use "4 cable method" and do that if your amp facilitates it. B) I would recommend that you keep using 4 Cable method with your existing amp a while longer until you can increase your budget just a little. They're around $800 US but I highly recommend the new Line 6 Powercab Plus. A second choice would for me would be the LIne 6 Statgesource L2 (the "T" version if you can afford it and especially if you also play acoustic guitar). C) Also note that "wattage" on FRFR is not the same thing as your tube guitar amp. The Stagesource speaker I mentioned is 800 watts but not the same meaning as the wattage in your guitar amp by any stretch of the imagination. D) If 4 Cable method until increasing your budget is not an option I'm sure there are lots of other less expensive FRFRs out there but be careful. Opinions of sound quality is all over the place (different kinds of construction effects the sound greatly but even the term FRFR and reality are two different things) . Typically anything I know of that sounds better than what I've recommended will cost you more - not less. It's 'all' too much money to make a mistake and have to spend twice. You're definitely half-way there though with the Helix.
  2. I was so excited to see the change to the previous Helix looping function (which, in my opinion, was pretty much useless on an otherwise almost perfect machine). So why would Line 6 come out with a new update changing how a major function works and not provide a simple instruction update to their manual? The available Helix manual is a dinosaur. I've searched the forum and YouTube videos with no results. The brief description of the looper function change that was included in the update download page only makes sense to someone who already knows how to use it. I have, and am actually able to navigate, a Boss 300 looping station for Pete's sake - so how is it that everybody is apparently having no problem figuring out the Helix looping function change except me? If there's anyone out there that I haven't ticked off with my useless ranting, I sure would appreciate some help/direction. Anyone interested in making a video demonstrating new and clever ways of making use of this function?
  3. Plugging into a preset that doesn't sound like crap, whether one of the presets on the Helix, or the Custom tone site, or purchased from someone you've seen on the net - without a pretty good deal of tweaking - is like winning the lottery. It's been my experience that the Helix (and other digital modeling interfaces) is way more sensitive to varying pickup outputs than traditional amp setups. I pretty much have to have a different version of a preset for every guitar I own. That said, I'm currently in the process of selling practically everything else I own except for a small pedalboard and one amp so guests can play when visiting. I can assure you, you haven't spent a 3 place decimal fraction of the time and trouble learning to work with your new Helix as you have with your analog system. Don't give up so easily. They are not the same in their initial approach. Lastly, I don't know what kind of monitors your using, but you may also need to back up your Helix with something else, or trying 4 cable method with your amp (the latter of which I find to be counter-intuitive for my purpose).
  4. I haven't heard either version of the powercab first hand. But I have studied their features and have been a Helix floor owner for a couple of years now. Trust me - you want the plus and will regret it later of you don't. The increased DSP options it provides is a no-brainer in my opinion. I'm invested in FRFR myself and am trying to decide whether to get the Powercab-P. Every Y-tube video I've seen (except for those officially sponsored/produced by LIne-6) sounds like total crap - but that's not Line 6s, or the powercab's fault (just bad video/sound technique - you can tell).
  5. JLondon


    I've tried several but my personal favorite is the first one I tried. Chad Boston created and sold it a couple years ago and then later gave it away for free. I had actually been planning on looking through my files for it myself when I saw you post. You might search the Line ^ website for it or request it on Chad's Facebook page. The bulk of the effect is not solely dependent upon the amp or effect gain stages so different amp models and gain effects are easily switched if you want. I think he also posted a youtube video comparing the preset and actual Boss feedbacker pedal.
  6. Okay so LIne 6 has finally come out with what appears to be a proper match for the Helix. So my first obvious question ( as should be anyone's) do I need to think about replacing my Stagesource speakers. How will the new "Powercab" compare to the Stagesource speaker in, say, "guitar mode"? Is it going to be 'basically' the same thing?
  7. Did you hear that? That was the "I coulda' had a V8!" slap that was heard around the world!
  8. Sweet, sweet Jesus Mary and Joseph! Do you have any idea how much I love you right now?????
  9. Hope this solves your problem. Are you using IRs? I don't know why, but sometimes I'll go to a preset my IR block will be there but it's empty/unassigned. Sounds horrible and if you don't know to look, everything looks just fine. So, if applicable, check to see if your IR blocks are still assigned to something.
  10. Sounds like you might be playing as a hobby and don't need the analog for playing out. If that is in fact the case, it sounds like you've got your bases covered. I would only say that you should go ahead and get the Helix Native plug-in while it's discounted for Helix buyers. If you're not already dabbling in studio recording, you probably will be and the Native Plug-in is simply awesome. This, of course, is contingent upon you're already having a computer and DAW. Also, go ahead and sell your pedals except for maybe a couple of your very, very favorite. My personal take (everybody's different) is that if you're going this route - then go with it - and get good at it. While there is some truth to live performance negative comparisons, Purists who disparage digital equipment over analog are typically making their decisions based upon improper use and their knowledge of historic technology. Things have come a long way and in my opinion, you simply cannot do better than a Helix (or equal) for home/studio play. Tube amps and pedal boards are for "loud" live play. With the Helix the trick is start digital and finish digital (with exception of guitar of course). There are work-arounds for mixing your old equipment with the Helix using 4 cable method or cab load boxes etc. But if you're trying to downsize and simplify for home play then just go with the flow. If you do, or plan to, play out you're either going to want to keep some of your old equipment or buy an FRFR powered speaker (like the Line 6 Stagesource or equal) for monitoring your Helix on stage while sending a signal to the FOH.
  11. I updated my Helix Floor unit to 2.5. There doesn't seem to be an update for the editor yet. Is this correct. The LIne 6 software page says there's nothing new to update when I plug in the parameters for Editor and Windows 10. Regardless, my current editor worked fine with the previous Helix 2.3. Now it doesn't recognize the new amps and pedals and if you try to insert one with the floor unit the editor picks something else and also kinda crashes. Haven't even gotten to Helix Native yet. Website says nothing new there either. Am I dead in the water until LIne 6 updates Editor and Native? Lastly, are both users and Line 6 using the terms "HX" and "Helix" interchangeably? If so - please stop it. To my knowledge they're not the same thing. The new effects unit is the "HX". Everything else is "Helix". And if all software works interchangeably then how the h-- are we supposed to know unless you specify?
  12. I've downloaded a couple of patches for the Helix that were quite good. One I downloaded off the Line 6 custom tone site. The other I paid 5 bucks to Chad Boston for. It was by far the best. I had to adjust other aspects of the tone to suit my guitar but the sustain feature was much more predictable and controllable than the old Boss pedal I have. The principle was basically to use one of the pitch/synth models in tandem with a gain pedal and expression pedal which is used to dial in the amount, duration, and timing of the feedback. Sounded pretty convincing to me. It's funny that this thread popped up as I have been meaning to revisit the preset just recently if I can find it.
  13. Well, I managed to fix my own problem and for the benefit of anyone who might have similar difficulty in the future I'll explain. My version of Native version was outdated (1.0) and I was trying to import presets that contained elements from newer versions. I installed the latest version available and voila! All fixed. Yes, this was my bad, but in fairness, a little consistency from Line 6 please. I've had my Helix floor unit and editor for a while now so I'm no stranger to the whole general concept. I understand there must be certain software developer limitations, but I shouldn't have to spend a half a day of my valuable time trying to simply find where the settings menu is in order to find out what version I have. Even that was in a ridiculous place and hard to find once I found the well hidden settings menu. The manual is of no help because it was for a newer version and everything was changed. To add insult to injury, when I went to the Line 6 download page and punched in Helix Native for Windows 10 it told me there was no software for that criteria. Whaaaaaat? Fortunately, I happened to see in another location a link to read more about the new version of Native. Line 6 I love you. But pleeeeeze quit trying to satisfy the constant and never ending begging for updates until you're ready. You keep spitting out updates faster than the rest of your team can follow. And when you do come out with something new, quit making unnecessary changes to the basic format indiscriminately. Be more consistent between platforms and just because you can change something doesn't mean you should.
  14. "Model specified in preset is not recognized - code 8312" Okay so I must be the only one as a search on the forum produced "0" results and nothing on ytube either. I was under the impression that the regular Helix and Helix Native presets were compatible. Was I wrong? Not a single preset that I have tried to import to Native has resulted in anything other than the aforementioned message. Not even presets downloaded from the "Native" custom tone page. What gives? Thanks in advance for assistance. Signed: Frustratred
  15. Yeah, my guess is that a 1/4 inch balanced cable would have had the same result as the XLR. I've only just realized recently how much balanced cables can make in all sorts of setups and situations.
  16. JLondon

    Helix FAQ

    Can someone tell me how I can stop getting Helix Forum posts to my email. When I clik unsubscribe, it just takes me to the forum. I've looked everywhere and can't find a place to stop it. I'm getting literally every single Helix forum post everyday.
  17. My favorite chorus app is the Courtesan Flange (electric mistress). You have to turn the rate way down and color down some. Then take mix to 0 and work your way up until the result is to taste. My favorite Electric Mistress clone to date (outside the Helix world) has been the Mooer Elec Lady - but it was too strong in the mix. The Helix solves that problem for me.
  18. unsubscribe email

  19. I don't have experience with both but based upon my experience with both the L2 and 3, they get my vote not only because of my satisfaction with their sound, but also their compactness, size, and weight. And if you get the wheeled tote, you'll never be sorry. Also if you ever think you might want a stereo outfit and can afford two, the Stagesource speakers are capable of being daisy chained via the L6 LINK connection. I love it. Also if one of the two speakers has the mixer option, you have a small but complete PA system AND an acoustic guitar amp. I have two L3s and an L2 and 1 wheeled case of each size - and I've never looked back. If you are going to spend the money, I would wait until I could afford the extra $100 and get one with the mixing/acoustic amp option.
  20. I had the very same problem with mine and I mean, exactly. Soooo frustrating! Was about to send it in for repair when the next update came out. I went ahead and updated first and the problem went away for some reason - I have no idea - above my pay grade. A year and numerous updates later and I've never had the problem since. I have no idea why, but it evidently wasn't the hardware. I would suggest that you either do a factory reset or install/re-install the latest update before sending it in. It's worth a try and you're most likely going to have to re-do your presets/irs anyway as I'm pretty sure it's the first thing Line-6 will do when checking it out anyway.
  21. Haven't used "Pitch Wham" in a while but never had a problem in the past. So I'm trying to set up for a Gilmour "Marooned" type sound. I can't figure out how to stop the effect from sounding out the steps between the notes as it goes up and down the scale - like running your finger up piano keys. Never experience this before and I can't find anything in the settings menus that seem to have anything to do with it. I've got mix at %100, heal and toe position set 0 - 12 assigned to expression 2, and "position" at 0. How do I get a smooth slide transition between the notes? I apologize in advance if this has been covered a billion times, but my attempt at a search failed to produce anything.
  22. Ahhh! I do believe you already made it clear in your previous explanation. Thanks again! I've seen the Pete Thorn vids but he didn't go into detail about the physical cabling to the Helix. And yes this particular amp is pretty important to me (Reeves Space Cowboy). It's touted as being like a Steel String Singer without costing a hundred thousand bucks. I can't verify this personally until I've had the opportunity to play a Singer, but I do know that both like to be cranked in order to find their 'g' spot (grin).
  23. Thanks! I 'think' I've got it. I'm not doing recording yet so for now I'm planning on going into FRFR cabs. So for that reason alone I'm thinking a basic 4CM with a return being necessary. Im trying to work this out in my head rather than physical experimentation, I just was (and still am somewhat) confused as to which cable the 'output' of the load box replaces in the typical 4CM setup. I didn't know if I was going to have to create a return/send loop in my Helix chain or whether I just plugged into one of the other inputs. Ooops! I just realized that the amp (Reeves Space Cowboy - unbelievable!) that I'm most interested in using for this application doesn't even have a return/send loop. So what do I do now? I'll study your previous response again to make sure you haven't already answered that.
  24. So I'm entertaining the idea of getting a Suhr Reactive Load box. I understand the basics and purpose, but what is the best way to incorporate the Helix between either FRFR/FOH/DAW? In other words, where do you plug the line level from the load box into the Helix?
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