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  1. Other things to consider using presets with IR's are Eq's, amp and IR placement and settings & frequency filtering. Check out the http://thehelixchannel.com website, it has great tutorials for IR's, equalizations and other patch related information.
  2. A month ago I purchased the Helix floor model and this thing is unbelievable compared to my Pro X HD. I have been hooked with Line 6 since the first red kidney shaped POD came out. I don't have experience with other modelers so my opinion is biased. However, the Helix has delivered simplicity, awesome tone and solved a lot of problems I had with modelers. Issues solved: 1. Endless hours of tweaking 2. Create my favorite band tones quickly 3. Snapshots 4. Rich tones and modulation type affects 5. Guitar response 6. IR's. (I did not know I was missing until introduced with the Helix) I find myself playing guitar 90% of the time instead of 10% compared to the previous modeler. Sound characteristics change as expected with different guitars such as a Strat, Gretche, 335 and my fender bass VI. I play music as a hobby and the Helix has sparked my interest again, so much so that the wife is starting to complain on the amount of time I spend in my studio! How 's that Line 6 for customer satisfaction. You can put that on your website, "You will love the Helix so much that it's guaranteed to lollipop off your wire or girlfriend or your money back" LOL.
  3. Try this site....." thehelixchannel.com ". This site is excellent With tutorial videos for creating presets and other Helix specific topics. Highly recommended to improve your Helix Skills.
  4. I just noticed my audio interface mixer software had the all the analog & DAW inputs panned to center. For example, my analog inputs 1 & 2 would be paired for stereo but each channel is setup for center. I changed panning to hard left and right and now the audio is in true stereo.... The question I have for this forum is how do you guys set your Helix panning outputs when creating presets for recording or live performance? Do you use A path with center panning or prefer A + B path with some combination of left and right panning?
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