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  1. Hi, Bas Oh wow, that is very harsh advice, to start completely over with a total system re-install. That sounds like it would be very time consuming, it probably would take days to do that but I hope that after everything, your computer will be able to work as it should! Aw, I know, it is a lot of anger and frustration to deal with computer issues like these, but maybe after the system is completely re-installed, everything will work right. I hope that it does. When I talked to the local computer shop here, they said that if after what they did with the overnight tests and stress-test on my computer, that if the computer still didn't work right, they could either re-install Windows 8 or else install Windows 7 XP on the computer, but the one thing I was worried about is if things go obsolete for Windows 7 eventually, then you'd be stuck going to Windows 8 anyways...computers I swear lol. They're great when they work good, but when they don't, it can be a nightmare. That's exactly what it seems like, Windows 8 itself seems to be okay, but if you install a certain program which needs a certain something to work right, then things go wrong. XP was such a great computer operating system. Everything worked great on it, no trouble with anything, but Windows 8 and even Windows 10 I've heard people complain about constantly. I never heard anyone say "Upgrade to Windows 8, it's amazing!" They all said "Don't do it!" lol! In your first paragraph, I also read that you also use Cubase too? It's a great recording program, but I was reading online a little while back that apparently Cubase has problems running on Windows 10 for some reason, so whatever you do...don't upgrade to 10 yet if you're using Cubase lol! When I was having all my Windows 8 trouble, I was going to upgrade to 10 hoping that would help the compatibility issues, then I read that and was happy that I took the time to visit the Steinberg site and save even more trouble lol. With all the problems with Windows 8 getting to run right, it'd be terrible to upgrade to 10 and have those same problems all over again and possibly even worse. I hope that after you go through all of this re-installing process, that you'll be able to join the clan of Computer Users Happily Recording Music with WIndows 8 too! I wish you the best of luck, Bas, and hope it works for you!! I've got my fingers crossed again for you!
  2. Hi, Bas! You're very welcome. Lol I know, when I had this problem too, I was so hoping for a "just download this driver and all will be well" kind of fix too, but unfortunately it seems to be more complicated than that. I hope you will be able to find someone local in your area that will help you with your issue. Do you also use WIndows 8 as an Operating System on your computer too? I don't know why it is, but it seems like their are so many compatibility issues with Windows 8. I had the exact same programs back on my old PC which was Windows 7, I use Line 6 POD software for my Line 6 effects processor and also Cubase as a DAW for recording, and they worked great, but as soon as I got a new laptop with Windows 8, their were compatibilty issues and driver issues everywhere and the programs wouldn't work at all until I brought my computer into the shop. Before, I'd be lucky if the programs would even work right for 5 minutes when both would be running, now they can go all night without a single issue. I know exactly what you mean, I am far from being any sort of a techie or IT person as well, I am a musician and a rocker. I can fix a guitar, but not a computer lol! I've been using computers for a while too, and since 2008 with Cubase for recording music, but I have no idea how the computers themselves work or anything like that. It's all so complicated, and when trying to search online for what these error codes mean or how to fix them, the language is so technical it's hard to even make a little sense of it let alone fix it yourself. It's not really user friendly at all. Lol that's exactly what it's like! You can drive a car, but you don't have to be a master mechanic and shouldn't have to be, their are people out there that can fix these things, which is a good thing lol! I hope you will be able to find someone in your Amsterdam neighbourhood who will be able to help you with your computer issue! I've got my fingers crossed for you, Bas! These issues are so frustrating and confusing, they are terrible to deal with, so I hope yours are resolved too!
  3. Hi, Triryche I did run the Line 6 Monkey and also uninstalled and re-installed all of my Line 6 software, made sure all updates were installed and even un-installed and re-installed my DAW software too, but still I had the programs crashing and error codes. I opened a support ticket with Line 6 and they were great help, I talked to someone named Pete and his info really helped a lot, from what he told me I was able to determine that it was a Windows Driver issue, and then from there, was eventually able to get it fixed.
  4. Hi, my name is Ravyn and I am a guitarist from Ontario, Canada and am new to the Line 6 forum, this is my first post here and I am wondering if anyone has any info on this type of issue? I'd appreciate any help or info :) My old PC died a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to get a new laptop specifically for recording music. I thought it'd be a better idea seeing as they are portable, and actually this is the first laptop I've ever owned, I've always used a desktop for recording in the past. The laptop I have is a Lenovo with an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. I've also just recently bought Cubase Artist 8 for recording and re-installed all Line 6 software and downloads for the Line 6 POD HD500x but upon recording I am having issues. Theirs always noise in the background, clicks, pops, unwanted feedback...but the worst part is that my system is always crashing. The two error codes I get are DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (L6PODHD5SE64.sys) and SYSTEM_THREAD_NOT_HANDLED (L6PODHD5SE64.sys) So I take it that the L6POD in the code has something to do with my beloved Line 6 Pod?? It's all very confusing, everything worked fine on my old Acer desktop and it didn't have half of the capabilities that my new laptop has, yet it worked fine and never crashed once like this. If anyone has any info, could you please help a newbie out? I'd appreciate it so much and thank you kindly! -Ravyn
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