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  1. Hi everyone. I found this forum trying to resolve the same issue. I have a Mission TT2 (TRS/TS) switcher and a Line 6 expression pedal. I have a TRS to TS Y cable. Jason Sadites has a good demo on how to set up the Stomp with a switcher which helped a lot. I found I had to fiddle about with settings to get things how I wanted them. Getting the 2 switches on the TT2 to be switch 4 and 5 was easy once I figured out the Preferences allocating the switches and then using Bypass Control to assign the block. With the Y cable I had to put both split cables into the TT2 (wouldn't need to do this with a 'stereo' TRS) cable but you'll see why I have Y cable shortly. First I went to preferences and allocated the switches 4 (tip) and 5 (ring). I left the polarity alone. Then in my edit view I chose the block I wanted on 4, chose bypass control and allocated the block to 4. Next I wanted to split the cable so I could use one footwsitch on the TT2 and the other cable for the expression pedal. This took some fiddling around and luck and error! I think where I got to was making sure that in the Preferences section I set the switch that was set to footswitch 5 to Exp 2, then went to the delay I'm using the exp pedal on, and made sure bypass was off. then I set the controller assign for the delay to Mix / Exp2 so that the pedal controls the 'volume' of the deal, so when fully down there is no delay. I hope that makes sense!!!
  2. Hi all. I've just bought a Stomp after owning an HD500. I have a Marshall JVM410 which has MIDI channel switching, which the amp can 'learn' by holding a button down on the amp. I was able to do this with the 500 without having to delve into MIDI stuff. What I've read in this discussion suggests I could set up an amp channel MIDI change by preset with the Stomp. I tend to stick with one channel for a song anyway so this could work for me. So, can you gurus help confirm this for me? E.g. I have preset 1A with whatever FX I want, connect 2 midi cables, set my amp channel to what I want, push the learn button on the amp (as per procedure in the Marshall manual), and bob's my uncle. I would need to use preset mode if I wanted to switch to a different amp channel (say clean on 1A and crunch on 1B). Is that how this could work?
  3. Hi. I think I used a midi sport uno
  4. Thanks guys. I’m curious though, without DTedit is the only way to access the different preamps by using a midi controller? I have an HD500 so have the preamps in that anyway, so wondering what people who don’t have a Pod will do to access the new amps
  5. Ok, dumb question then! How do I configure the dt25 without DTEdit? I can’t see anything in the pilots guide. Is it all by midi via an HD500 or similar?
  6. Hi all I've FINALLY got a midi cable to connect to the DT25 and updated v2 firmware. DTedit connects fine and I can make changes and it changes on the amp. What I can't figure out is that there are 2 preamp sets per channel making 16 possible presets, but i can't see how this works. There doesnt seem to be a manual anywhere to explain this. So, question is, how do I access all 16 amps from my amp when I'm not connected to DTedit?
  7. Hi the HD500(x) is designed to work with the Variax as part of a concept called the Dream Rig. basically you can control the variax from the HD unit so you can have, say, a telecaster into a modelled amp with loads of FX on one preset, then switch something else on another preset - say a 12 string acoustic going to PA via FX send. You can even have two guitars - the magnetic pickups of the variax on one channel panned L and a modelled guitar on channel 2 panned R. There are stacks of amps and FX and you can buy some additional ones as downloads.
  8. Hi I want to update the firmware on my DT25 but my midi interface doesn't recognise the DT. I've seen a cheap midiman midiface for sale - will this work? Or, can anyone recommend a cheap interface that will work? I'll only be getting it to do the DT upgrade!
  9. that's my conclusion too. seems to be the AC15 model that's the worst offender. Luckly I have a real one as well! I might have a play with MIDI one day to see if I can make improvements. But, it shouldnt be like this. I wonder if the Helix version is better?
  10. Right, think I've sorted this issue. Seems to be input distortion. I've added an EQ block and sert output really low and engaged the Pad and this seems to be stopping the input clipping. I'm still surprised by single coil Strat is creating input distortion! I should be able to select an Amp preset and it sound OK without input clipping. Oh well.
  11. I'm using a regular XLR cable for L6 link and it seems to be fine. I have also tried combinations of using L6 link or the 4 cable method, which I think is what you mean here? Its taken a long time to get the Pod presets set up without input distortion. The 4CM method with DT25 sounded good to me, but I only get two channels to switch between, unless I start using MIDI control. C
  12. AHA! fixed it I figured out it was my input signal that's creating clipping. the Pad cut didnt make enough difference, so what I've done is put the Studio Pre EQ at the front of my chain and reduced the output on that FX block until the clipping goes, then adjust the amp channel volume so it matches other patches. To do this I had already found my quietest patches (the JC120 model) and matched everything to that amp. I'm still really surprised my Strat with single coils is causing this clipping. But anyway - fixed!
  13. AHA! fixed it I figured out it was my input signal that's creating clipping. the Pad cut didnt make enough difference, so what I've done is put the Studio Pre EQ at the front of my chain and reduced the output on that FX block until the clipping goes, then adjust the amp channel volume so it matches other patches. To do this I had already found my quietest patches (the JC120 model) and matched everything to that amp. I'm still really surprised my Strat with single coils is causing this clipping. But anyway - fixed!
  14. Thanks. That has helped a little. I've got a thread going elsewhere about this too, but I can't see where I'm going wrong. I'm using a US fender strat with single coils, Mexican tele and variax les James Tyler. All of them have same problem. I'm not playing crazy stuff. Just trying to get the AC15 sounding like an AC15! I have set up with only input 1 on guitar/variation, and aux on input 2. I put in an AC15 preamp and the preset sound sounds ok, but too clean. I up the drive to breakup and then I get digital clipping. If I drop the guitar volume and add the pad it goes away but I lose tone. I can't believe the unit is meant to do this! What if I had some crazy high output guitar? I've tried adjusting the channel vol and master vol but what ever I do I can hear the clipping. It sounds like it's within the amp model block. Note, in this test scenario I'm not using any other FX blocks, just the amp to try to isolate the issue.
  15. j No. Noiseless gender passive pickups. So, the weird thing is I can create a new tone with no FX. I create an amp block and choose the AC15 preamp. The default setting is fine, but just too clean. i make a few tweaks to try to make it sound like my AC15 amp, by increasing the gain to breakup point and adjusting EQ. I now get digital clipping no matter what is adjusted - channel volume, master volume etc. if I switch on the pad and and roll back the guitar volume it goes away. I can hear the clipping with headphones also, even on very low volume so I know it's not the phones distorting. It's getting very frustrating.
  16. Hi Tboneous Sounds like we have a similar 'modest' approach to using the amp and Pod. I'm still finding I get some digital clipping, which seems to be to do with input levels. I need to do some more playing. What settings have you got for input and output? Do you use L6 link?
  17. thanks for the advice. I have come to similar conclusion. I went to the local guitar shop today and had a go on an HD500X and had same problems so have ruled out a fault with my unit. the signal is fine if I bring the guitar volume down and have the pad switch on. Seems odd to me though - I'm only using a Strat and AC15 model - not going balls out rock! I would have thought the signal level I'm using is pretty standard. I'll have more of a play with the settings.
  18. Hi, I'm having the same problem. Second hand HD500. Has been working fine as an FX unit going into my AC15 but now I'm using with DT25 and amp models. I'm getting loads of clipping as described in this post. Have tried heaps to sort it out and can't seem to get to bottom of it. Wondering if its also a faulty unit now. What was the outcome of your tests rockjumper?
  19. Hi all I've recently bought a DT25 to complete my Dream Rig (JTV Variax and HD500) and have found it took some tweaking to get some good tones. Previously I used the HD as an FX unti running into my Vox AC15 (which has no FX loop). I generally didnt use the amp models. Then I got a Variax, particularly for dealing with switching to acoustic sounds during a gig (and for the bonus of things like a 12 string!). The band I'm in does covers so, while AC15 covers most of the ground, there are songs where I need good cleans (Fenders) or more weight (Marshalls). So, a second hand DT appeared and I took the plunge. Part of me was hoping it would replace the AC15, but I'm not there yet. I'm hoping this is a useful summary of how I got some basic good tones set up - perhaps for people who're new to the DR, and also to see if others can offer other tips to how I've done things. I had some challenges getting the sound set up - the main issue being a digital clipping distortion in some patches, particularly when I turn the gain up on the amp via the HD500. This happens no matter what the channel or master volume is, and can be heard through headphones as well as the amp, and with any of my 3 guitars. I'm using L6 Link with I/O set to combo front. I tried Studio/Direct but didnt like it. I decided to set up 4-5 amp presets with similar FX as if I had a basic, similar pedal board switching between 4-5 different amps. I wasnt aiming to set up a particular song preset, but rather some basic useable sounds that would cover most songs I do. Some people have said on forums that they have presets for individual guitars - I'm yet to do this. And may not bother! My best solution so far has been; Create an empty setlist of new tones on the HD500 Start with clean amps as these have least headroom - they sound the quietest of presents while on full bore! I chose the JC120 amp (Jazz Rivet) as I found this was the quietest amp I use. I set up a sound I liked (gain on full and clean) and adjusted the channel volume to match the volume of the 'new tone' preset with the amp off (i.e. toggling the amp on an off). My assumption being this is the same volume as new tone and no gain staging would be happening by having an overly loud channel volume. I added some FX of choice and made sure they didnt overly boost the channel volume (being a clean amp sound). I then did the same for a Fender Blackface, AC15, Marshall 45 and Plexi (the main amps I use) I switched between the new presets I created making sure the volumes were comparable. The FX I've added are much the same for each amp - EQ preamp, gentle compression, tube screamer, chorus or flanger, delay, reverb I found adding an EQ vintage preamp block at the start of the chain helped add a bit of bite to the Variax modelled sounds. I find that they sound a bit lifeless compared to mag pickups. I made sure the EQ didn't boost the volume too much. I also found running the HD master at 100% gave the overall volume needed into the DT25. Before I used to run it at 50% as otherwise it would drive the Vox and add distortion. Some notes The AC15 needed a lot of tweaking as the preset channel volume is very loud, clean and mid-range. I had to use the cut and treble and add a bit of gain to get the chimey Vox sound I'm used to The Marshall 45 was quite bassy and boomy and needed some attention. The Plexi, JC and Fender were pretty good to start with I'll also be setting up an acoustic amp patch So, my final issue I've posted elsewhere about the digital clipping I seem to be getting. This largely went away with the process I went through above, except for the gain on the AC15. I really cant figure out why its happening and wonder if the Variax or HD500 are causing the problem. I have no problem with clean tones and the preset setting when I dial in an amp seems ok. However, if I'm to replace my Vox AC15 with the DT25 I need to have the option to dial in gain. As soon as I get to the breakup point the clipping noise comes in. Maybe I need a Helix?! Chris
  20. hi, not sure if this tread is still going.... I've played around heaps and I cant eliminate the fizz - which I think is digital clipping somewhere in my chain. For example, I'd like to get an AC15 with slight crunch, just where the breakup starts. I used a new tone (blank preset) and put in ab AC15 pre. The factory settings are fine but clean. I get no clipping however. As soon as I dial in some crunch on the AC15 preamp (using the HD500) I get a digital clipping sound. the HD500 master is about 12 o clock (50%) and master on the DT25 on around 3 (playing at home!). No matter what combination of balance I use - low channel / high master or opposite, and variations of the HD master form 50 - 100%, I can still hear the digital clipping to varying degrees. I've listened to the patch on headphones and the clipping is there. I've tried L6 Link, direct into DT25 and into the power amp of the DT25 - no real differences. So, both HD and DT preamps seem to have clipping. I've tried the DT by itself and its still there. its not a valve/tube as the HD is clipping on headphones (even at low volume, so its not the 'phones distorting) So, some questions. I'm wondering if I've got the I/O correct and whether the patch volumes are too loud overall - even though I've tried with the amp patch as Line6 has created it with no FX. What setting should the I/O be for using for L6 link with the HD500 and DT25 (studio direct, combo)? i've been using combo. Should the patch volume be about the same as a 'new tone' blank preset?
  21. Only because I had to sell my pedals to get the HD! I had an M9 for a while but then got a variax and also wanted more control over patch switching. I'm in a covers band and have one main patch I use, but then need a few special patches for particular tones. Sometimes I just run the HD into the DT25 with the 8 pedal option and have three almost identical patches but with three different amps, a Vox, a Fender and a Marshall. I'm tempted to get a minimal board of boost, compression, chorus and delay and go into my AC15. But then I'd want to go for high end pedals like strymon!!
  22. I'm tempted to do this. Couple of questions; Any tips on getting a good amp tone through the PA? I'm concerned it will sound too digital How do you hear yourself on stage? Just through a monitor? Again, any tips as I find venues and sound engineers vary hugely. Last thing I want is not to be able to hear myself clearly C
  23. My preferred set up is using the Pod with my DT25, but I'm still working through whether the L6 link is better than direct into the amp. My other usual set up is straight into the front of my AC15. My 'sound' is an AC15 but I'm in a covers band where I need Fender cleans and heavier Marshall sounds, so I have three main patches for those models with the same basic FX, and then 'special' patches for particular songs. However, Last weekend I was playing a city far away and borrowed two friends amps (one as a spare). The main amp I used was a fender blues Deville and I went into the power amp via the FX return. Once the amp warmed up it sounded great with the amp modelling. Unfortunately, the valves were old and were shot by the end of our rehearsal, so I ended up using the spare, a Marshall valve state. The sound was ok for the AC and Fender setting but wasn't so good for the Marshall (weirdly!). I also found with both amps I had to adjust all the channel volume settings for my patches. I guess this is because the Dt will match the output stage as part of the patch. The sound through the Marshall sounded tinny and digital to my ears, though people in the audience thought it sounded fine. There were moments on stage where we couldn't hear the Marshall settings which affected our performance. Furthermore, I have used the Pod into the power amp of a Line 6 HD100. I patches on the pod are better quality than the HD 100 ones. This sounded good too, but the amp was just too loud for the venues I play, so I sold it. In summary, playing into a power amp can work well. I've found pleasing results with valve amps as you get more warmth and I find the sound projects better. It gives a means to play gigs where you can't take your own amp. However, you run the risk of the valves being temperamental (but you have this with any valve amp!) I've only gone into the desk once, for a rehearsal, and id love to do this more often, but the time I tried it I didn't like the results. I would like to try again as this would make my life easy for gigs. Plus I could get dual amp set ups, acoustic and electric sounds with my variax, and interesting Fx such as stereo delays, panning FX and so on. My fear is it will sound digital and lack warmth, plus I might not get good sound on stage without backline and relying on the monitors.
  24. anyone had success with theAudiolinkPro 24/96 with Windows 10? Line6 Monkey cant 'see' the DT25. I can get as far as downloading the firmware but the upload fails.
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