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  1. I have done that and they are balanced. I can lower the low E further to reduce the plink, but then on cleaner sounds, it will be off
  2. That's your backing vocalist? :) What is your lead vocalist like?
  3. I have the same issue. It ususally occurs on the strat setting, bridge pickup and tone all the way up. The more distortion, the worse it gets. Actually any of the previous variables adds to the issue
  4. Thx for this. I find it helpful too to quickly look it up in a single spot, instead of searching online for the info.
  5. Is there ever a list posted of which presets get updated? I can identify some, sure, but remembering 100s is a bit much ;)
  6. How much of the 'Strat' sound do you lose when removing the Strat body for the neutral one?
  7. Richie Castellano's are really good with the Variax. I've been getting great sounds with them.
  8. Try one of these fret wraps, should fit well over your teeth: Also the camouflage means no one will notice.
  9. Previously I bought a 89f. It had the plink issue on multiple strings. It was most prominent with higher distortion and seemed more likely to occur around the 12th fret. I tried a few of the techniques listed in the doc here. It wasn't able to reduce or eliminate it much, so I sent it back. Fast-forward 3 months, I bought a 89 last week. When I first started playing, it had the plink again and it was stronger and more noticeable. I found the bridge mag pickup was very high and sometimes interred with the strings. I lowered it down and it was gone. Tried all the models and couldn't replicate it. After about a week of playing, it does appear on the low-E string, only with the Strat model and high distortion. It's not the biggest deal to be, but something I'd like to solve. I got a fretwrap and Elixir polyweb strings coming, so I'll test and see if it helps.
  10. Thx for posting this! Have you only had the problem on the 6th string? You have the 89f if I remember correctly?
  11. Oh Ok, what kind of hoping I had missed it and would be interested in applying the solution ;)
  12. Nope. I bought one refurbished and had the problem. Tried a bunch of different fixes. Sent it back. What fix are you talking about?
  13. I started a ticket with Support and they wanted me to send it in. Prob be gone a month. My advice would be to turn off the touch sensitivity for the show.
  14. I'd say get one, but only buy it from a place with a good return policy. I did from Musician's Friend, had the plink and tried a few of the suggestions. Was able to reduce but not eliminate it so I returned it.
  15. So it appears that the issue is occurring again with the 11th switch. Since I upgraded it doesn't appear to be software but hardware. Any suggestions to "clean" the button so to speak that that it doesn't always think a finger is on it? I turned off touch sensitivity until I need it.
  16. It seemed to always occur on the 11th footswitch (bottom row, 2nd from right). The touch sensitivity wouldn't work, though the button did. Actually I was on 2.10. I upgraded to 2.11 and it appears to have been corrected. Touch sensitivity is back . Hasn't happened once on multiple patches in about 1/2 hr. Thx all!
  17. Indeed. I wish there was a solution for this. I returned my 89f because of it. :( Iove the idea of the multi-guitar and tunings, just couldn't deal with that sound.
  18. I see what you're saying, but it will happen right after going to a new preset and I haven't touched anything. I can cancel out of the "reassign" and within 30 secs it does it again.
  19. Ever since upgrading to 2.11, this randomly starts flashing on some presets without my input. I can clear the msg and then it will randomly happen again. It causes problems if I"m in the middle of editing a preset, it will all of a sudden take over and stop whatever I was doing for this command. Or sometimes it will just randomly jump to another pedal I had selected to another one, without input. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I make it stop?
  20. Please share if you find a fix. I got a 89f and just returned it because of the plinking. It was very noticeable on the low E string, but also heard it on the upper frets (12+) of the higher strings too. I put some felt just behind the nut to dampen the strings, which helped but only in certain ways (hard to describe). It was still noticeable, esp with higher distortion, but also without it. It also depended on how I played I love the idea of the guitar and would like to get one, if it would be without the issues :) Is it worse on the 89 compared to the 59 and 69?
  21. You're the 2nd person to think that in the thread, I must not have been super clear about that :) That's quite a wild alt tuning!
  22. Indeed, I"ve noticed it's helped. Also added cut up blanket just past the nut around the strings. It's helped the plinking quite a bit. Still not quite there yet... ;)
  23. Thanks for the tip. I had been tuning them in this order, which is similar: lowE-e-b-a-g-d
  24. I used the 89 pickups in Workbench and it does sound quite a bit better. Not quite as good as my Les Paul, but it's pretty good and close. Thanks for the tip! Also I noticed that I get some plinky sounds when there is more gain and I have the tone knob turned up, esp on the higher frets of the mid/higher strings. But also the Low E. Any tips? Thx!
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