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  1. Great info, thanks. I have the Stomp and the D20 as well as pedals. I’m thinking of running the D20 in the send and return of the Stomp. This would allow both my pedals before and Stomp effects either before or after. I’m keen to use stereo effects after the D20 to create a stereo image to my interface. Would this work (before I buy the cables). Any thoughts much appreciated. Tim
  2. Just bought a brand new Stomp and am having the exact problem. There is a high end buzzy noise. Tried noise gate (works a bit but not great), different guitars, leads, distance from computer, headphones and monitors. Same problem. Have put in a ticket to Line 6 three days ago (weekend), no response yet. May have to go back. I have a Line 6 Firehawk and have no noise except with big dirty amp sims which is expected. This noise is on any amp sim, any cab, effects or no effects. Sad as I love the product and the sounds it creates.
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