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  1. I'm trying to install the newest HX Edit update, but it fails to verify. Line 6 has a note on the download page for if that issue occurs to download the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility but the link leads to a page that says there is no Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility download. HELP! Not sure what I did. But it works. haha
  2. For a couple of trem parts in particular, its an intense choppy tremolo that needs to be specific. But my drummer is always on tempo because we play to a click!
  3. I have one more small question. In snapshot mode, is there a way to make it stay on the snapshot page when you switch to a different snapshot instead of jumping back to the preset page?
  4. Hey guys i just got myHX effects the other day and I programed a setlist and love it. My biggest issue so far is getting the tremolo in time. I have a preset tempo for each song, but when i kick on the trem I want it to be in time but its not. I cant get any of the trem patches to do it everytime. It seems like the tempo for the trem is engaged when you switch the pedal on and not necessarily in time with what youre playing if that makes sense. So If I don't hit the switch at exactly the right time, then the trem isnt on tempo and sounds horrible. Is there a setting or any tricks I can do besides sending a midi message from something like ableton to have it kick on in tempo every time?? I don't have this problem with my delays. They're always in time even if i kick it on on an off beat. I feel like my timing is pretty good but having to switch a pedal on in tempo is harder than it sounds cause is it engaged on the button down? or when the button is released?
  5. I got my HX Effects in today and I love it. The first thing I did was update to the latest firmware. Spent a few hours dialing in presets then downloaded the HX editor and tried to backup all of my presets but I'm getting an error message when it gets to that part of the backup and says "Unexpected or bad data type in preset (code -8606)" HELP PLEASE!
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