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  1. bogdancapitanoiu

    externally Control the volume of Powercab

    Hi, As I find very difficult to control the volume (home usage) of Powercab 112Plus specially when placed at an angle using the back slide legs , what kinda of options I have? e.g. using a volume pedal (or expression pedal with midi) e.g. using the HX stomp (volume knob) with my foot without obviously affect the volume of the USB interface? e.g. using old blood noise express volume etc. only asking cause i don't know how volume pedals work (why would I add a boost maybe dirty my signal/sound) and yes I don't like the back control panel despite liking the clean front design.
  2. bogdancapitanoiu

    HX Stomp and Focusrite 2i4

  3. bogdancapitanoiu

    HX Stomp and Focusrite 2i4

    use the Scarlett software (to assign Line Input to Monitor Output). You can also see there the signal, or direct to the Headset output. Save to hardware after setup to have it working without the software opened.
  4. bogdancapitanoiu

    Line 6 Firehawk Looper & Amp sim bypass?

    OK so you are saying its a 20sec looper... I agree that is not enough(hope we could software hack the device somehow to increase this limit/add an external storage device is avail. memory is an issue)
  5. bogdancapitanoiu

    Can I use the remote app w/ a microsoft surface tablet?

    Can you try an Android emulator? And share your findings...e.g. Andy...
  6. bogdancapitanoiu

    Line 6 Firehawk Looper & Amp sim bypass?

    Is this not a looper: ​