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  1. It would be cool to see more models from the M-series pedals, such as the Attack Synth and other synth patches. I think the new synth stuff sounds great, but very limited. I use the Attack Synth to get "Time is running out" bass line. I'm sure over time, more and more M-series effects and new will be incorporated into the Helix.
  2. I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it... cuz I'm about to lose control... and I think I like it!!!!!
  3. I will try, just hyped up for this fantastic update! I can't wait to compare the Darkglass model to the real thing!
  4. Trying so hard to be patient, but I don't know about you guys, I'm ready for this update to happen! I've been using my Helix for bass in one of my bands and having more bass options just tickles me with excitement! Currently Ive been using the Valve Driver and EQ to achieve a good bass drive. I guess ignorance is bliss, but is there an estimated day in mind for the release?
  5. So, I used the advice of one patron to loosen the hex bolt and apply some lubricant, well, now the hex bolt wont go back in, ive been struggling for an hour now and that bolt will not screw back in. I feel like Line 6 should have made these idiot proof, and also maintenance free from having to deal with a squeaky pedal, but thats just me. Now Im going to have to get ahold of support and find out what I can do, great, just great.
  6. So my expression pedal on my floor unit is starting to squeak and creak something fierce now, and I'm not sure where to apply some lubricant to help solve this problem and I don't want to open the guy up to void warranty in the future. Anyone have any Ideas on how to solve this problem or has this problem?
  7. For my preference, what I would like to see... 1. New Reverbs, mimic Strymon type reverbs and spacey type reverbs. 2. VHT Pitbull Ultra Lead Model(needs just one more metal amp!) 3. Mimic a Darkglass B7K for all the bass guys or even a Sansamp type block. 4. Space Pants!
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