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  1. Looper playback volume should not change when changing presets. If I have adjusted playback volume to -5.0 in preset 1a it should not jump back to 0 when switching to patch 1b. You can vote for this idea here:
  2. As of the new firmware, Tap away!
  3. Great job with the updates! The addition of tap tempo for certain modulation effects is very much welcome. Helix is great, and by the looks of it, we've just seen the tip of the iceberg! Great Line 6!
  4. Congrats pwik! I got mine a few days ago. It is killer! Sadly, I just packed mine up because I'm moving. It is torture and I can't wait to play it again!
  5. Indeed you can duncann, good call, I am just looking for something more immediate, right on the "main board" i do lots of switching of the sorts live and it would be helpful.
  6. Assign footswitch to scroll up and down note values when controlling effects with tap tempo Its great that the opto trem now got Tap tempo. The next step, is to be able to assign a footswitch to incrementally go through different note values. For example: starting and 1/4 note 1 stomp leads you into dotted 1/4 2 stomps leads you into 8th note subdivisions 3 stomps leds you into dotted 8ths and so forth The ability to assign another footswitch to cycle back through subdivisions would be also required. This can currently be done via the expression pedal but this is not very precise.
  7. Highly customizable tremolo similar to EH Super Pulsar A trem with selectable waveform, envelope following, rhythmic patterns and of course tap tempo and rate subdivisions. As stated in the title my favorite in the field so far is the EH super pulsar . Helix rocks!
  8. Toggle expression pedal with alternate switch, as opposed to toe switch It would be great to be able to select which expression pedal is active with an alternate switch, as opposed to the toe switch. Going toe down to switch is not always convenient.
  9. Tap tempo on trem! Brilliant! Thanks line 6! Helix is a beast and all these quick updates are making it such a pleasure to use!
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