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  1. Polyphonic pitch shifting for drop tuning would be great. I would also love something like the EHX freeze. Models of the Pete Cornish SS3 and G2 would also be wonderful. Tremolo with ability to scroll up and down subdivisions with foot switches. A couple of solid acoustic simulations. Sitar/banjo emulations, although I'm sure they rather I purchase JTV ( which I just might)
  2. As the title says, what do you guys think is up next? I'd imagine a Dumble model Touch enabled wah/expression King of Tone model Helix replying to my work emails while I'm busy playing What's your best guess?
  3. Hey jp, Thanks for that. I'm playing actual slide. What I was working hard with was getting a decent acoustic sound out of both the rhythm and lead tones. I'm using a tweaking some very nice IR's found online and it is getting to the point of being convincing my tired ears that is.
  4. It's getting awfully cold in here :D. By the way I just noticed my Sliderig pedal was on for compression when playing the lead slide part.
  5. Hey folks! Got a chance to sit down today and dabble in creating some acoustic and a banjo patch. They still need work, especially the banjo but I put a little demo together for you guys to listen to. All sounds and processing coming from the Helix. I'm playing an Eric Johnson Strat. Playing is sloppy but I think this translates the sounds nicely. MP3 is here: Your input is much appreciated!
  6. Hey Duncann! Just wanted to say thanks again. That was precisely what I needed and allowed be to find any extra flaws (which I did) on my helix before sending the footswitches (thanks to you, footswitches) to be fixed. This will probably leave me without a Helix for a month or so, but I can't wait to have it back with full functionality again. Thanks!
  7. Thanks duncann! I'll be giving that a shot as soon as I'm back home. Have a great week!
  8. Anyone have any clue? If I remember correctly someone had posted all the possible booting options for helix, I just can't track down that post. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone. After 6 months of dealing with a failing footswitch I finally completed the recording projects I was in and am about to send my Helix in for repairs. Sadly, this being France and with previous forum members experience this will leave me Helixless for 4-6 weeks. Before sending i through, I want to make sure nothing else is failing. (Occasionally I'll think I've hit a footswitch, and it requires a second stomp, but playing live I might have just missed it). I think I read somewhere there is an FS combination I can hold down upon booting up in order to access test mode. Does anybody know what that is? Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks JLondon! I kept the Univibe for a few reasons: - It sounds rather unique, I use it a lot and couldn't quite get the same sound out of the Helix. - Pre-Helix I ran it in series with the SuperPulsar and I they play together very well - It's tiny! - It's not taking up and extra FX loop. Best reason though: - My wife gave it to me for a birthday and that makes it extra special!
  11. Hmm I'm posting from my iPad and the image looks rather small but clicking on it enlarges it!
  12. That's my current rig paired up with a PRS Custom 24 Brazilian limited edition, a Fender Eric Johnson Strat, Martin D-15, and the wonderful Variax Bass.
  13. Bangha

    EXP 1 <=> EXP 2

    I suggested this implementation on ideascale in December I think. I'm having a hard time logging in to post the link on here, still, if you guys can please vote for the idea! Once I'm back on my laptop I'll track down the link.
  14. I had something odd happy during my latest update. I have a footswitch assigned to a send/return plus a few other blocks that was programmed to be bright when engaged and dim when disengaged. After the update, I restored my presets and now it's the other way around. Bright when DISengaged. Any way to fix this?
  15. My apologies for hijacking the thread but, Im wondering, could the amp switching output be used for other things like sending tap tempo to external pedals? I'm no engineer myself so I turn to the smart folks!
  16. Im on 10.11.4 and the issue remains. Running ProTools 12.4.
  17. I can't put into words the countless hours of frustration this has led me to. Perfect takes ruined by diginoise. Before the editor, before firmware updates, PLEASE fix this problem. Helix is my only interface now and it's not doing a very good job.
  18. Not to scare you, but mine started that way, until two footswitches pretty much work 10% of the time only. Have to send it in for repairs as soon as they've got Helix's back in stock. Hope its a firmware issue for you!
  19. Bangha


    Is anyone familiar with Origin Effects SlideRIG? It sounds absolutely wonderful. Here's a link to an example (wait for the slide to kick in): Considering Helix's capacity, we should be able to replicate something of the sort right? Two 1176's? No problem! I'll be away from my helix for a few days, but is anyone interested in joining me in creating a slideRIG clone patch? From their website: The SlideRIG is a highly specialised guitar compressor. It carefully squeezes and amplifies your guitar signal to create the effect of greatly extended, elongated notes. The unit contains two chain-connected 1176-stylecompressor-circuits that process your guitar's signal at all times... Duplicate controls allow the user to switch between two different "patches". Each set of controls simultaneously adjusts the parameters of BOTH compressor blocks, so adjustments can be made with ease! The SlideRIG delivers more "squash", combined with a transparent tone and lower levels of electronic noise!
  20. Hey ofp, I too got mine from that first batch Woodbrass Paris got in November. A few days in FS10 began failing and now so is FS6. I got in touch with them and they could supposedly fix/exchange for a new one within 30 days. What worries me is they have none in stock, so I got in touch with the support/repair guys Line 6 recommended and they told me they don't have footswitches for the Helix yet. I just chose to hold on to my unit for a few more weeks until they really have them in stock before I send mine in. I can't be without it for now. Please do update the thread on how things go. Where are you located at I ask?
  21. Just wanted to say thank you for this. Great job!
  22. I use the 250 OHM ones. They get loud enough! Regarding headphone impedance heres a bit out of a Sound on Sound article touching on the subject: Headphones, like loudspeakers, also present a load impedance to the driving amplifier. However, there are three main classes of headphone design — and I'm talking just about impedances here, not the arguments over closed-backed, open-backed, or in-ear designs. The impedance of a headphone is determined by the design of its voice coils — the length and size of wire used, the number of turns around the former, and so on. Consequently, the impedance will affect the volume produced by the headphone — but so too will the strength of the magnet, and several other aspects of the design. The best guide is the quoted sensitivity of the headphone in terms of decibels per milliwatt (dB/mW). The design of the amplifier used to drive the headphones will also have a significant bearing on the output volume. Broadly, headphones can be categorised into three groups by their impedance: broadcast, professional or portable. The 'broadcast' group have a relatively high impedance, typically of between 1.5k(omega) and 2k(omega). The idea behind this relatively high impedance is so that the headphones can be plugged into a patch bay to monitor a signal source without loading it unduly and causing a drop in the level. The ubiquitous Beyer DT100 can be specified with a 2k(omega) impedance, for example. The next group are the 'professional' designs which typically range from 150(omega) to 600(omega). Within this group it is often the case that the lower the impedance the higher the volume. It is an obvious marketing ploy, but, given two otherwise similar designs, the one with the lower impedance will sound louder when plugged into the same amplifier — and, of course, some purchasers may be swayed into purchasing one pair of headphones over another simply because of the extra volume. The Sennheiser HD250 is available with a 150(omega) impedance, for example. The third group are the designs intended for use with portable CD players and the like. Power is the product of voltage and current, but, since the supply voltage to the amplifiers is limited (because you're using batteries), more power requires more current. That can only be achieved if the headphones have a low impedance. Typical designs provide impedances in the 8-32(omega) region — the Sony MDR7509 is specified with a 24(omega) impedance, for example. Increasingly, people tend to use high-quality 'professional'-impedance headphones with portable equipment, and this is rarely a problem, except that the maximum volume will be reduced compared to a lower-impedance design — which is no bad thing in most cases and could potentially increase the battery life of the player. It is worth noting that most manufacturers offer a variety of impedance options with many of their headphone models — Beyerdynamic are particularly comprehensive in this respect, but it is often worth asking the question if a favoured model appears not to be of a suitable impedance for your application. In my head, headphone impedance is only a convenience issue depending on what you're plugging them into.
  23. Hi there! I'd personally recommend Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. I was a sound pro for many years and still make lots of music and use them for everything! They are very detailed and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  24. It just dawned on me it's not happening until next week. I've been salivating all day for this hooked up and ready to go. It's almost 10:30 p.m. in France and must crash now. I'll be away all of next week :(. Gutted.
  25. Great work as always Glenn! And take care of that lucky baton!
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