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  1. I don't really use that many IR's for it to be an issue for me, but hats off for you taking the time to sort things out. I am sure this will prove helpful to many.
  2. Check out this thread I made: I added a little patch to play along with the synth in a specific chord progression.
  3. So I had a little time to mess around with the new toys and was puzzled by the 3 Osc Synth. I went ahead and created a patch to see if I could use it as backing. You can hear a poorly recorded and played example here: Here's how it works: Set up to play a i - iv - V7 progression in Em the Em Am switch toggles between those two chords the B7 switch activates the V7 to return to the i or the iv (whichever was active before you entered the V), you stomp on the V again Synth volume is controlled by EXP Pedal 2 Is this the best way to go about programming the synth? I doubt it. Just a quick solution to the problem it posed. I've attached the the preset for those of you who care to give it a shot. Hopefully this is a little embryo we can all turn into something cooler on here. (to install it just remove the .txt format from the file name and use Helix editor) Enjoy! Paul - Synth Jam Em.hlx.txt
  4. Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful work you guys have been doing with Helix. Yes we are hard to please, and yes we already want new stuff although 2.20 just came out. Just remember it all comes from the love we have for the killer products you put out. I specifically wanted to say thanks for finally integrating Workbench with Helix. I hadn't really used it before, I found the whole extra interface thing troublesome and slow. The fun I have had for the past few hours creating guitar sounds I'd only managed to dream of have been heavenly. Helix+Variax have been worth every singe hard earned Euro I've put into them. THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE BRILLIANT WORK! Gratuitous shot of my setup right now attached.
  5. I'll be updating later but I want to get acquainted with the new stuff! I'm particularly curious about the synths. Is there a manual available somewhere so I can read up?
  6. Yes it is! I'm away from Helix but those of you taking the plunge, let us know how it goes!
  7. Bangha

    2.20 Party

    However, NOW is a good time to refresh the update page. PARTY LIKE ITS 2.20!,
  8. Bangha

    Snapshot Copy

    You know that awkward feeling when a joke makes sense in your head, but then you have to explain it cuz it didn't make sense once you verbalized it? My question was along the lines of, " hey stranger is that a firmware upgrade in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Wow, I just made this even more awkward.
  9. Bangha

    2.20 Party

    Do we all smoke cigars at the party? Is firmware a boy?
  10. Bangha

    Snapshot Copy

    Very true, I find myself hopping down to the hardware 95% of the time even if I'm at the computer. Thanks for the shortcut list DI, it made ma aware of a couple of things I'd forgotten. Anywho, what's brings you to the forum? :D Got any plans for today? Doing anything special? :D
  11. H everyone, I'm wondering, is there any way to increase the output of the USB7 out? I'm currently recording my album, and am recording dry tracks for safety should I choose to reamp in the future, their output however is rather weak and I'd much rather record a bit hotter to improve my signal to noise ratio. Thanks
  12. That's a great idea Shane, at least one more step to get there. The biggest problem to tackle is the holding the note. I've ceated some wonderful reverb "dwells" as I call them as well as nice effects with delay, but it's all just too wet. I do have some ideas as to fun stuff to try with the new volume swell feature coming in 2.20
  13. So what do the rest of you guys think? how can we make it better? Feel free to pitch in and upload your mods!
  14. Ha! I'd love to try for fun. Any suggestions? Just don't say Digitech Freq, I'm already trying with little/no success.
  15. Thanks for your comments. I'll be happy to share the patch. Make sure to remove the .txt extension before importing into your Helix. The whole thing is quite simple (I'm doing this off the top of my head as I do not have Helix next to me right now) the delay is a transistor tape set on a parallel path, it is preceded by an overdrive (the Klon if I remember correctly) and followed by a low pass filter to get a bit less sparkle on the repeats. It all goes into the Archon Clean as a sparkly platform. There are two snapshots in the preset: Snapshot 1 - Expression pedal controls feedback. To get the "self oscillation" simply crank things up, as the repeats add up slowly bring the pedal back to a comfortable level, crank it back up and you can repeat forever with fun effects to be achieved by rocking the pedal rhythmically to create new patters. You can also step on the "Time" switch multiple to get the sync to 1/8th triplet notes, to get some fun space sounds as the time ramps up/down. Snapshot 2 - Expression pedal controls delay mix. Pretty self explanatory. It is worth adding I am using an impulse response on my patch. Needless to say any of your own will work. Let me know how it goes for you and I hope you enjoy it! Kilobyte Delay.hlx.txt
  16. Just to add to my monologue, here's a little sound snippet of what I came up with to mimic the Kilobyte. Granted I haven't crossed referenced them since I put this together but this sounds pretty good. I included some of the fun self oscillation mockup I came up with, it can keep going forever! If anyone is interested I'll be happy to share the patch.
  17. On that note, here's a link to another users ideascale request to add the aforementioned control. If you like it please do vote for it!
  18. Hey everyone , thanks for your replies and insight. I've finally had a chance to sit with my Helix, and I the first issue I run across is the ability to control the degradation of each repeat. Transistor tape comes the closest, however the degradation of the repeats takes WAAAY too long in order to achieve the desired effect. A "tape age" control would come in super handy. I've been trying out filters to slowly suck the highs out of the repeats, if I did manage, it's stil not a great solution as a change in guitars, or input volume would throw a wrench in the whole thing. In all, any ideas to create faster degradation of each repeat? Maybe another one of the Helix delays can manage this and in my blundering ways I overlooked it? Look forward to your feedback!
  19. Hey all! I am seriously salivating over the Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte after watching this video demo: (I highly suggest watching all of it, it's luscious!) Product page: I am away from my Helix and board for a few days. Has anyone managed to get anything similar on Helix, if not, what would your first thoughts lead you to try in order to mimic this gorgeous pedal? Thanks, and I'll report back upon my own experimentation!
  20. Hey Helixians! Quick question for you. I am in the process of recording a new album and would love for my tremolo to sync up to pro tools as there are tempo changes throughout the song. Can this be achieved? If so, how? My mind is mush. Thanks for your help
  21. Hey DI any chance you can mention the minimum system requirements to run native?
  22. That's going to be a wonderful update! Brilliant job you guys, so happy to see auto swell in there and YES WORKBENCH INTEGRATION! THANK YOU!
  23. Yup a pack is available to download.
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