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  1. I saw someone posted this. I hope it's real. The Line 6 folks talked A LOT about hx core so that changes were easy to move between HW platforms. So, I hope it comes over to the rest of the Helix hardware soon :) I have no actual insight into any of this.
  2. @rd2rk I never opened one, I assumed since I'm out of warranty, I won't have much luck. I'm using snapshots now most of the time, and so the issues aren't as big deal there. If I do ever go into to stomp mode though, it's a pain on a few footswitches. I just have to be careful where I program things then.
  3. I have the same problem. I wish they would put some sort of configurable setting in the firmware so it ignores switches too close together in time. I am also out of my warranty window.
  4. Developer says, "hey we've got a great idea, but we've got to rewrite everything to make it work". Product manager says, "ok what will it do.". Developer says, "oh, you can have a little blinky light or something on the UI". Product manager says, "great but it seriously takes all that time just to do that"? If your working with a really seasoned developer with good people skills that's when they'll take you out for a beer. :D Unless you guys are working agile / scrum. Then no one gets beer because the scrums end up being too early in the morning. Instead replace the word "beer" with "coffee". :D
  5. I'm just wondering how many beers the software team needed to buy DI to allow an architecture rewrite. :)
  6. I used my helix at a convention this weekend, I was having problems with the footswitches. I press one down to activate or deactivate a block and it's almost like the footswitch press happened twice. It will turn the block off and almost immediately turn it back on. It does the same thing the other way around. I push the button when a block is off, it will turn it on and then back off. It doesn't do it every time. I've noticed it when practicing some, but it seems like it's getting worse. It happened enough to me while I was playing it live this week to get worried about it. Anyone else been running into this? I'm running latest firmware, etc. Rebuilt the patches, so on and so forth.
  7. Whenever I use an XLR out, if the sound guy forgets to turn of phantom power there is a very loud buzz and the volume level of everything dramatcally goes down. It's annoying, but I always tell the sound guy to turn the phantom power off, or if they can't I run my 1/4" out to a DI box instead. Not sure if it's the same problem, but it took forever for me to figure this out. The manual says no phantom power over the XLR, but it's one of my biggest gripes against helix that they didn't deal with this.
  8. Does anyone have any ideas on some good ways to use the "3 note generator" from the 2.20 update, or does anyone have a plan to use it on some patches? I've never really had something like this available to me before on a pedal board, so I'd like to hear what others are planning to do with it.
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