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  1. Using the Helix Floor TUNER on latest updated firmware 2.30, every string was tuned DOWN a half step. Is this a bug or me?
  2. Hi: I am having a guitar made and am pondering the installation of the Variax Guts into the body as a switchable option. Line 6 has responded to my question asking if they'd sell me just the processor and a software license but never got back. Anybody heard of this idea's implementation? Any thoughts on if I can buy a Standard, break it open and spring the guts? Thanks! Wick
  3. Stevev! This was waaaay back, but it might still come in handy that 1) you really need a good DAW, 2) you really need great REFERENCE headphones or speakers, 3) you must understand that while a diamond rests inside a muddy bag, it is still a diamond. This metaphorically means even if you listen to a perfectly recorded piece of music made by the best musicians with the best gear available, your device's speakers will not corrupt the perfection of the music, only its delivery.
  4. Frankly, this is the kind of opening presentation I enjoy reading. I play with 2 amps. A Line 6 Amplifi 150. And a Fuchs. I enjoy them equally for what they do irrespective of what tone snobs (on the one hand) and tech creeps (on the other) have to say. Shut up and play works for me. If you can't honor the effort- and generosity!- displayed by Iknowathingortwo, then please go lollipop at Trump. I thank him for opening a good and knowledgable discussion.
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