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  1. Did not work for me. After saving per snapshot on some patches I switched to a different patch that I didn't try the fix on and when I returned to a patch that the fix worked on it reverted back to the problem, so after I rebooted the Helix the fix was restored, but it happens again when I change to a patch with snapshots that I didn't try the fix on, I have to reboot, very frustrating.
  2. There was an Idea scale submission for the raw piezo output
  3. Hi DC, Thanks for clarifying that. It will be easier when we can do these things in the editor through Helix(hopefully). I've been using the JTV69S as my main guitar since the first of the year and mostly the Lester. Have not really been too impressed with the acoustic models. I would sure like to see Line 6 give us the raw piezo output option so we can take advantage of the IRs from Redwires. Thanks
  4. So when I double click this file it opens Workbench and, if my Variax is connected it downloads to it correct? Which presets in the pack are controlling the Variax?
  5. I am going to try setting the footswitches to 8 snapshots and preset up and down as I don't want to fish through too many presets or banks when playing live. This will allow me to access stomps with the mode switch. Try that and let us know if it solves your problem.
  6. I just bought the Alto TS210 but haven't gigged with it yet. I was using Alesis sumo keyboard amp and sounded ok, but at last 2 gigs I tried going into floor monitors only with no amp on stage and audience commented that our sound was much better and clear. I've been using the Alto to tune my patches and may bring it to our next gig and point it across the stage toward the band members (as I was doing with the Alesis), but not sure if I need to.
  7. Silicone spray would probably do the trick and should not harm the pivot point, but I don't know for sure.
  8. Very interesting. I just got my JTV69 from Line 6 Ebay store and really have no idea how it integrates with my Helix, but I would like to learn more.
  9. I tried the mic and the line out settings from the xlr left of the Helix into a monitor and then an Alesis Sumo 300 xlr inputs, and the mic setting seemed hotter to me. I ran my xlr left and right set to mic into the xlr on the board and the sound guy put me in the monitors as I was not using an amp and while the sound was good it seemed too loud. Hehad to set the channels gain at about 1.
  10. I'm using my Boss bag from my GT 100 it's a tight fit but it works fine, now if I could only remove the Boss logo.
  11. Is that slowdowner an IOS app? Why do the IRs need to be placed in a specific location (33 & 35) and how can we back these up so when doing a setlist restore we don't have to manually re-enter them?
  12. Could the ART be powered from the 48v phantom power from the Helix?
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