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  1. I'm trying Helix Native on Ableton 10 & Macbook 2012 Plugin Automation Simply Automation is OK (like all Plugin) but is "limited" to 16 Discrete controllers and 16 Switches. OK BETTER THAN Pod pro hd limited to 2 Midi CC and 9 switches.... With Ableton MIDI Mapping it's easy to automate "HW Remote controller"->"plugin linear controller" ->"Helix effect parameter". Midi CC For Midi CC i've a "little" issue.. With manually assignment works...Midi learn doesn't work... (midi green light flash but doens't map...) And... sometimes, on change preset, It losts assignment (example: overdrive "drive" param). Anyway for ableton & Helix Native Midi CC Mapping, you need 2 Tracks: Audio track with plugin helix (ok it's easy..) Midi Track "always on" (no auto) with input source on midi controller (example Akai Lpd8) and output to Audio track | Helix Native. Be sure that on Ableton midi preferences your controller is set "ON in "Track input" e not only "remote input". Remote input is used only for first scenario (Plugin automation)
  2. And why FBV is recongnized ad midi-in?! Is used for what?
  3. Oh no! It's frustrating... have you resolved issue? I'm interested to digital connection of Helix Rack inside my gear with M-Audio FW - s/pdif and Ableton Live (no DA and DA added latency). I'm planning to buy Helix but is not comfortable to know that there's a bug like that!! So it's not resolved with 2.54 Firmware in 2018?! https://line6.com/support/topic/19234-helix-spdif-out-loses-sync-too-often/page/4/
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