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  1. I'm thinking of buying one of these as well. Anyone have any feedback with extended use of the Deuce Deluxe?
  2. Well it's now 9 months after the last posting. HX Edit does not behave properly with Windows 10 high DPI scaling. On my 4k monitor and 1080p main screen (both with scaling set to 150%), HX Edit is blurry. If go to the properties for HX Edit -> Compatibilty-> Change High DPI Settings and check the "Override high DPI..." box, and select "Application" from the dropdown, the blurriness goes away. However, the text is really small since it's not being scaled. Anyone know if they are going to add proper scaling in a future release?
  3. Any luck getting Surface Book to work? Is it the original model or the Book 2? I'm considering the 2 and no Helix would be a deal breaker for me.
  4. It looks like the crashes I have seen have happened with earlier firmware: It may only be happening when changing amps in the hair metal patch I downloaded through the app. Will delete that from My Tones and see what happens!
  5. Just updated to v1.30 and have had a few crashes. When switching patches from the Andriod app, the Firehawk FX will just hang, and the left and right-most switches will have red rings around them. Have to reboot the thing and then reconnect the app. This maybe happened once to me with the previous firmware, over the past 1.5 years, and three times in one week after the firmware update. Anyone else have this happen? Is it safe to downgrade to v1.2?
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